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Azerbaijan and Armenia arming

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 25
Analysts and politicians are actively speculating about the possibility of military confrontation in Karabakh. An arms race in Azerbaijan and Armenia is further aggravating the situation, in particular Azerbaijan is leading making some serious moves in this direction. In 2010, it spent USD 1.59 billion on defence expenditure which was 3.95 percent of the GDP. In 2011, the military expenditure will grow up to USD 3.1 billion, which makes 6.2 percent of the GDP. Apart from military expenditure, around USD 1.36 billion will be spent on the defence industry. Armenia is also increasing its military expenditure. It comprises 4.1 percent of the GDP but overall it is several times less than Azerbaijani expenditure. Of course it is impossible to predict any further developments in the conflict because anywhere in the post soviet territories there is one significant factor which could overweigh any other factors and this is Russia. Here are some figures in 2010 Armenia spent for its military purposes USD 347 million, Azerbaijan 1.595 billion, Georgia USD 519 million. In 2011 Armenia will spend USD 387 million, Azerbaijan USD 3.1 billion, Georgia USD 390 million.