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90th commemoration of Soviet occupation

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 25
Georgian people very somberly remember the date of February 25, the commemoration of the Soviet Bolshevik occupation of Georgia. The 25th of February, in the Soviet period, was celebrated as a national Soviet holiday. Then it was called a Sovietisation of Georgia day. Now it is mentioned as the date of Soviet occupation. For the last several years this date has had even further significance because, although the Bolsheviks are not controlling Georgia, Russia still occupies and illegally controls around 20 percent of Georgian territory.

90 years ago, the Russian Bolshevik red army occupied Georgian territory and annexed it. Georgia was declared a part of the soviet system and in some years it became a member of the Soviet Union. Russia categorically denies, either during or post soviet period, that there has ever been an occupation. This is a significant fact.

Today, Russia does not recognize the fact of occupying Georgia. That means that Russia’s aggressive character is still here, because repentance means recognizing your own mistakes but Russia is not prepared to do that.

The period of Georgia’s occupation by Bolsheviks in 1921 is not very well explored by scholars. This is understandable. In the Soviet period, nobody could dare say the truth but now things are becoming clear. The scholars, historians, journalists are finding more and more new facts about the Soviet period. Russia is visibly irritated by Georgia’s activities which reveal further the facts of atrocities carried out by Soviet Russia.

Today the relations between the two countries are extremely poor. Some time ago Georgia would not dare to do so as it was concerned about spoiling relations with their northern neighbour but today the relations are already very sour so Georgia does not care any more and speaks the truth.

Today, there is an informative and diplomatic war between the countries. Russia wants to present itself in front of the world community as a peaceful state which sheltered two ‘nations’ of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgian “aggression” but Moscow cannot disguise itself any more. A wolf is obviously visible under the sheep’s clothing. The period of Soviet rule in Georgia is still to be studied further and the tragedy of Russian domineering Bolshevik occupation should be clarified for the whole world to see.