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Friday, February 25
Four Georgian citizens evacuated from Libya

Four Georgian citizens have been evacuated from Libya. They were waiting for a special flight sent by the Georgian government in Tripoli`s hotel for the past two days and local law enforcers were protecting their security amid the political unrest in the country. The tension is growing in Libya as more people join the protests in various cities of the country against the Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, who has already lost control of the western regions. The army has also joined the protestors refusing to serve for Gadaffi`s government.

The only video depicting the situation in Libya is taken via internet. Last night, the daughter of the Libyan leader emerged on local TVs trying to deny reports that she had fled the country. Aisha al-Gaddafi was a Goodwill ambassador of the UN and she says she was not deprived of this status by the organization.

US President Barack Obama has denounced the violent crackdown by the Libyan authorities on peaceful protesters as `outrageous and unacceptable`. Mr. Obama said the world had to speak with `one voice`, and that the US was drawing up a range of options for action in consultation with its allies. The US president said his administration worked on the plan for overcoming the crisis.

The US State Secretary has also condemned the violence in Libya. Hillary Clinton said the Libyan government would be held responsible for the violence in the future.

United Nations Organization has also planned to hold a special session of the UN Human Rights Council soon. UN Secretary General said the organization was watching the developments in Lybia very closely. (Rustavi 2)

Corporal Giorgi Avaliani’s Body Transferred to Georgia

The body of Georgian corporal Giorgi Avaliani, who died in Afghanistan, was transferred to Georgia on Wednesday night; InterpressNews was informed by the press office of MOD. The agency got in touch with the relatives of the dead soldier. They reported that Giorgi Avaliani has already been transferred to his village – Tsikhesulori, Vani region.

Georgian Corporal Giorgi Avaliani died performing the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan – Georgian MOD informs.

He was serving in the 32nd Battalion in the province of Helmand within the ISAF peacekeeping mission. The Corporal had been enrolled in the Georgian Armed Forces since 2008. During the period of serving, he was awarded with the Service Medal for Combat Wound. Giorgi Avaliani was killed as a result of a mine explosion. Due to the mine blast, two corporals Nikoloz Deisadze and Ednar Abuladze were also wounded. They have already been transferred to the Military Hospital.

6 Georgian soldiers have died in Afghanistan: Mukhran Shukvani died on 6 September 2010, Nugzar Kalandadze, Giorgi Kolkhitashvili, Davit Tsetskhladze and Ramaz Gogiashvili died on 30 September 2010. (Interpressnews)

Education Minister visits Gori University

Minister of Education and Science, Dimitri Shashkini visited the University of Gori and saw the rehabilitated building of the university, where the students undergo professional training programs in 15 different specialties.

In the frames of the UN Development Program, 500 students of the Gori University have already passed the training. 39 pedagogues and instructors are involved in the process of professional trainings. (Rustavi 2)

A demonstration within Occupation Week held in Gori

The youth of Gori held a demonstration within the Occupation Week yesterday. The NGO ‘Prometheus’ organized a rally against the Russian occupation of Georgia in 1921 and the massacre of Chechen and Ingush people by the Soviet empire on February 23, 1944. The protestors marched from Tbilisi to Gori and finally assembled at the centre of the city, where the monument of Georgian Soviet leader Stalin was removed a few months ago.

The demonstrators lit torches of solidarity and unity of the Caucasus. (Rustavi 2)

Mother of an abandoned infant wanted

Police have filed a criminal case under the article N112 of the Criminal Code of Georgia after finding a dead infant on Anjaparidze Street, Tbilisi. The mother of the child is wanted with the charges of abandoning an infant in jeopardy.

Children playing near a construction of a block of apartments on Anjaparidze Street noticed something wrapped in clothes that looked like a child`s corpse. They called for the police, who took the corpse to the morgue. The experts say the child was dumped about two weeks ago. They do not rule out the possibility that it was alive when abandoned. (Rustavi 2)

Rehabilitation works to begin in Surami nuns` monastery

Surami nuns’ monastery faces the threat of collapse due to high precipitation during the past few weeks. The building’s dome has been damaged and may soon collapse unless it is promptly rehabilitated. The nuns looked after the monastery so far by themselves, but yesterday, the regional authorities sent special brigades to explore its condition and plan the rehabilitation works. The monastery has been closed today and the reconstruction and rehabilitation works will begin as soon as the weather improves. (Rustavi 2)