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What do you think about the discovery of explosives at Imedi TV premises?

Friday, February 25
"To be honest, I have the impression that everything was staged, this was really very funny for me, I have no idea who needs to play this game and for what purpose. Based on the current reality, most Georgians have significant economic problems and these kind of stupid games irritate and frighten them."
Giorgi, Historian, 51

"I am really very frightened; I do not have the feeling that Georgia is a country protected from terrorism threats; our enemy Russia is really good at planning such horrible things.”
Nona, Teacher, 34

"I did not get the impression that those resent explosions in Tbilisi were terrorist acts, they were very far from terrorism. All this looks like is a PR stunt of our law enforcement structures."
Lika, PR Manager, 29

“I don’t think it was an explosion. I doubt it was a “tasteless performance” organized by the Georgian authorities.”
Nino, Manager, 24

“Well actually I heard about this news from Imedi TV footage. I was really upset to hear the information at first but finally I calmed down. It was even funny to hear that the main perpetrator had put the bombs there in October 2010, then he was arrested in December the same year and now in February 2011 he admitted the crime. Moreover, the bombs didn’t explode and it has increased my doubts towards the issue. ”
Tornike, Economist, 28

“The Ministry of Interior Affairs is constantly reminding Georgian society about the Russian threat. Indeed, the previous terrorist acts were also a part of a stage by Minister Merabishvili as if someone wants to explode something, it is unpreventable. The Georgian interior ministry is not as perfect as US, Russian, and British services, since they couldn't prevent terrorist acts. It’s an untalented staging of a show.”
Erekle, Driver, 35

“I think it was a total fabrication just like Imedi’s hoax show on a new Russian invasion. I don’t believe anything broadcast on this TV channel since that hoax report. I am actually fed up of the “professionalism” of Imedi TV staff.”
Tsitsi, bank employee, 26

“I do not feel secure in this country any more. I think that, instead of fancy PR campaigns, the Interior Ministry should do some real work as soon as possible.”
Marta, housewife, 44