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Wednesday, March 2
Swiss Embassy to finance project in Georgia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia reports that the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation to Georgia will finance a project for the conservation of 11th-12th century icons at the Svaneti History and Ethnography Museum.

The funding is as a result of an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia.

Representatives of embassies and diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia have already visited mountainous region of Upper Svaneti as part of the project..

In September 2010, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Grigol Vashadze and Minister of Culture and Monuments Protection Nikoloz Rurua held a meeting with representatives of the diplomatic corps outlining concrete plans for the rehabilitation of the Svaneti History and Ethnography Museum as well as for funding a number of projects focused on the protection of Svaneti cultural heritage. (Prime-News)

Russian newspaper publishes article about Georgia

A Russian newspaper Nezavisimaia Gazetta has published an article about Georgia. The reporter, who was in the country a few weeks ago wrote of his impressions after seeing many changes in the country.

The reporter said that Georgia has simplified border procedures, which took a maximum of just 5 minutes.

“Georgian hospitality and their custom to help people is not a myth of Soviet films, it is a reality,” commented the reporter.

The journalist also described the renovated districts of Tbilisi and the attitude of the public to the police, which he assessed as the results of successful reform. He notes it is hard to imagine a militia officer helping a member of the public in Russia if one had a problem in the street, while such things really do happen in Georgia. “This is a country to which you will want to travel,” reads the article. (Rustavi 2)

Russia builds modern military base in Gali

The Russian Ministry of Defence has constructed a new military base of modern international standards in the village of Okumi in the Gali district of occupied Abkhazia, Georgia. Reuters news agency released a video depicting the occupiers’ base, which is intended for 120 military personnel.

In an interview with the agency, the deputy head of the Russian naval forces said that the base will not only provide full control of the coast, but it will also provide the best living conditions for the military servicemen and their families who will be able to live in Okumi.

Dmitri Koroliov asserts that in 2011, the entire Abkhazian coast will have similar coastal control. (Rustavi 2)

European volunteers robbed in Guria

European volunteers have been robbed in Guria. The teacher of English language and art lived on Kostava Street in Ozurgeti together with a movie director from Poland.

The robbers stole two notebooks, two digital cameras, 400 euros, drinks and other items from the apartment of Kamila Sirotina and Diana Zaturna. Both foreigners are representatives of an NGO Student-Youth Assembly.

Diana Zaturna was working on a documentary film about Guria aiming at popularising the region abroad. Kamila Sirotina taught English at local schools. (Rustavi 2)

Tax officer in west Georgia arrested

Officers of Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained Giorgi Talakhadze - senior officer of the tax department of the west Georgia Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance. While carrying out a tax inspection the detainee accepted a 500 GEL bribe for granting certain privileges to an entrepreneur.

The crime envisages up to 9 years imprisonment. (Interpressnews)

MIA on death of Ramaz Klimiashvili

On Monday the body of Ramaz Klimiashvili was found in an apartment in Mtskheta Street, Tbilisi. The site was examined by the Forensic department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a relevant post mortem examination ordered. Suicide is being considered.

Ramaz Klimiashvili’s friend, Marina Terentieva, who found the body in the apartment, was questioned by the police. According to her testimony she visited Ramaz Klimiashvili’s apartment on the night before the incident, could smell gas and found the gas tap open. She then closed it before discovering the deceased’s body. (Rustavi 2)