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Do you think donor funds are being spent appropriately?

Wednesday, March 2
“I do not believe this. After the 2008 August war, Georgia got significant foreign financial assistance; however that money hasn’t been used appropriately. I am sure that a lot of officials gained serious wealth with the funds.”
Giorgi, Economist, 51

“As I have heard and as the authority representatives have stated most from the funds have been spent on infrastructural projects and it is obvious that much has been done and is being done in the country.”
Zurab, Painter, 28

“It is very difficult to accuse someone of something, on which you do not have enough information. I suppose that those funds are being used for the country, as I am sure, those donors are controlling how their money is being spent. So if the funds are used accordingly, firstly, it is to the merit of those organisations rather than of our authorities.”
Nino, Social Worker, 24

“It is very difficult to say whether these funds are spent in a proper way or not but in general I doubt they can simply waste this money but even if they do so such a wide-scale corruption would eventually be revealed.”
Sopho, Writer, 25

“According to the fact that I have some links with this topic I would still say it is really difficult even to suppose anything on this issue. Donors are really funding the Georgian statehood with great amounts of money but I doubt all the amounts are being spent on the relevant projects. It is the easiest way for money laundering and unfortunately it’s the world trend. So let our Government spend most part of this money on the particular purposes and let them have the tiniest part for themselves.”
Tsotne, Economist, 28

“It is very hard to judge because this issue is not as transparent as it should be. I think the representatives of the organisations and the states which allocated those funds are monitoring how the Georgian government is spending those funds.”
Gia, Economist, 29

“In Georgia most people are addicted to spending donor funds for their own needs instead of spending them appropriately. Thus I have big doubts that the distribution of the money allocated to Georgia is done fairly.”
Nato, Unemployed, 50

“If funds were spent appropriately we would not have been experiencing such a high rate of unemployment and inflation. I don’t know exactly who is managing those funds, but I suspect that most of that money goes in officials’ pockets.”
Dodo, Teacher, 57