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Friday, March 4
Georgia opens Olympic House in London

With slightly more than 500 days before the opening of the London Olympics, Georgia is one of the first countries to have opened its representation in Great Britain.

Under the Rubens-painted ceiling, a reception on behalf of Georgia will be held at the 2012 Olympics. The Head of Georgia`s Olympic Committee arrived in London in order to carry out preparation works for the Georgian delegation's further visits to London.

The 400-person reception will be held on behalf of Georgia`s President and foreign guests as well as Georgian sportsmen.

The Georgian House was also established next to London`s Tate Gallery. During the Olympics, London`s guests will be able to get acquainted with Georgia, as concerts, exhibitions, serving of national dishes and wines will be held in the Georgian House.

Representatives of the Georgian delegation are expected to cooperate with Concerto Company during the Olympics. The company will assist Georgian sportsmen, their family members and supporters to get oriented in the city.

London is hosting the Olympics for the third time. 513 days remain until the official opening of the event. (Rustavi 2)

President opens new medical centre

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili opened Davit Tatishvili Medical Center on Marijani Street yesterday. The new clinic will operate in several different directions - it will have the departments of children and maternity, surgical department and stationary. The centre is equipped in accordance with modern technologies and it has 150 employees.

Saakashvili said the clinic fully met modern international standards.

`The insurance has become very popular in Georgia recently and vulnerable people will be able to receive necessary treatment in such modern clinics too. By 2015, every clinic in Georgia will meet international standards with qualified medical personnel. The prices should be affordable for everybody, ` Saakashvili announced and thanked the owner of the clinic, Davit Tatishvili for opening such modern medical centre. (Rustavi 2)

Copies of Credentials Transferred To Nino Kalandadze

Ambassadors of the Republics of Portugal, Malta, Albania and Ireland to Georgia have presented copies of their credentials to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Nino Kalandadze.

Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Portuguese Republic to Georgia Luisa Bastos de Almeida, the Republic of Malta's Godwin Montanaro (with residence in Warsaw), the Republic of Albania's Altin Codra (with residence in Ankara) and Ireland's John Rowan (with residence in Sofia) have presented copies of their credentials to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Following the presentation of credentials ceremony, the sides focused on the issues of cooperation and prospects of the development of bilateral relations between the countries. (Prime-News)

Archeological excavations to be carried out by the Georgian National Museum in Kuwait

Archeological excavations will be carried out by the Georgian National Museum in Kuwait for two months each year as per the agreement signed between the Georgian and Kuwaiti sides.

The first archeological group of scientists will work in Kuwait from 7 March until the end of April. The project will be entirely funded by the Kuwaiti side.

The presentation of the project was held at the National Museum yesterday. The presentation was attended by the Rector of Tbilisi State University and Director General of the National Museum. (Interpressnews)

Bank employs arrested

Kakheti's Regional Main Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs along with the Kakheti prosecutorís office detained Aleksandre Tcharbadze the Manager of the Telavi branch of VTB Bank Georgia and Mariza Esitashvili, who is responsible for the cashierís office. Aleksandre Tcharbadze, with the assistance of Mariza Esitashvili allegedly misappropriated large amounts of cash from the bank for personal benefit. After having failed to return the money, he tried to conceal the traces of crime by plotting to set fire to the bank office.

On February 12, 2011 Mariza Esitashvili was in VTB Bankís depository where she counted cash. As she had agreed with Tcharbadze, she set fire to the depository in order to burn cash stored at the bank. 202 848 GEL, 124 291 USD and 46 740 EU was burnt by the fire. In total VTB Bank lost 535 351 GEL due to the incident.

An investigation is in progress under article 187 stipulated by the Criminal Code of Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Sakpatenti tries to regain right to sell Khvanchkara in US

Georgian companies are trying to regain the authority to sell Georgian wine Khvanchkara in the United States. Sakpatenti is holding negotiations with Dozortsev Company, who has the exclusive right to sell the wine products in US. If the company refuses to give up the exclusive right of realization of the Georgian brand, Sakpatenti will apply to the court.

Dozortsev Company gained the exclusive right of realization of Georgian wine brand in the United States illegally. The same company has already filed a request on the registration of 18 other Georgian wines and it is now waiting for confirmation. (Rustavi 2)