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Do you agree an opinion that revolution is inevitable in Georgia?

Friday, March 4
“I don’t think so. Our weak opposition will not be able to spark any revolutionary mood in the people, because people are tired of going out in the streets to rally and then after a couple of weeks going back home without reaching any results. This is ridiculous.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“A revolution will be inevitable if the prices keep going up. Instead of those traditional chats about freedom of speech and democracy the people will raise social and economic demands this time.”
Neli, dentist, 46

“Frankly, I don’t want to see another revolution in Georgia, and I don’t think we will see anything like that any time soon, because the opposition is weak while the government authority is quite strong. No chances of revolution in Georgia at this time, in my opinion.”
Data, bank employee, 30

“Well, I do not wait another revolution in the country, as in general, revolution needs leaders or a leader, who will lead the people. Currently, we have no such oppositional leaders and factions, as they have lost people’s trust.”
Giga, Manager, 28

“Inevitable is a very strong word to use; however I can not exclude anything. There is a very hard economic situation in the country and the people have to live in extremely bad conditions, at the same time prices and tariffs are increasing. All this might result in serious protests in Georgia.”
Nino, Doctor, 45

“At the present moment I can not see the signs of revolution in the country. In general, Georgians are not content with the current social-economic reality, however most Georgians think that there is no alternative force in the country, which would be better than the current authorities, unfortunately.”
Nugzar, Sociologist, 48

“No I doubt that a revolution will be carried out despite the hard socio-economical and political situation in our country. We, Georgians are not united people, we only care for our own personal affairs and worry for our families. There have been so many violations of human and moral rights in recent times and did anyone do anything against the “totalitarian” regime? No one anywhere! That’s why I have lost confidence in everyone around but God. Let God save us from everything worse.”
Lali, Doctor, 46

“I think it’s more important for everyone to improve the electoral code as much as possible. But even if the Government would agree on such changes and create the ideal environment I doubt that the process will be transparent. It means that a revolution is the only way out of the hard situation in Georgia but will our oppositional spectrum manage to consolidate against the current regime? I just wonder.”
Levan, Sociologist, 29

“I have the feeling that Saakashvili is responsible for all the decisions and steps carried out in the country and the legislative and executive bodies are just puppets. The situation is also complicated within the oppositional spectrum – they are all initiating different methods of solution. All of these factors have a negative effect on people which are the real basis of revolutions in each country. We have seen two recent examples in Egypt and Tunisia where people have managed to defeat the undesired regimes. That’s why I think if people get fed up with everything and leave their obligations to stand together against the authorities, a revolution may have dangerous consequences for our country.”
Malkhas, Historian, 55