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Do you think visa free regime with Iran can lead to more drugs entering Georgia, as claimed by the US State Department?

Monday, March 7
“It doesn’t depend on any visa free regime with any country because I think drug smuggling has always been popular throughout the world and nothing can prevent drug dealers from continuing their habits.”
Eka, Student, 19

“Georgia and US have expressed their attitudes towards this issue and I think there is some truth in both concerns. As a matter of a fact Georgia is really becoming the major transport corridor for drug dealing but on the other hand the nonexistence of international control mechanisms encourages the individual dealers to carry out the machinations. No one worries about Georgia’s status nowadays which is the most important issue for me.”
Nodar, Sociologist, 48

“Well as far as what the US State Department is saying, it might be quite true. I was quite shocked to see this report. I think the Georgian government should read it through very carefully and make adequate steps and decisions.”
Soso, lawyer, 36

“The report cannot be considered as the absolute truth. The facts should of course be checked. The allegations about the threat of more drugs entering Georgia due to Iran-Georgia visa free regime are just speculation, because nobody can really know in advance.”
Giorgi, economist, 29

“I am sure that many of the Georgian authorities are actually involved in this drug transit, I saw some investigative documentary about this issue a year ago. It is in the interests of those authorities that the drugs trafficking increases in Georgia.”
Irma, teacher, 45

"It is very difficult to tell something beforehand, however, the visa free regime with Iran, from the beginning was surprising for me. It is one of the most dangerous countries and to say the truth, I do not wait any positive. "
Giga, Painter, 31

"I think that it is exaggerated. Everything will depend on how the situation will be controlled in the country. If our law enforcement and according structures will act properly, there will be no threat of this."
Tamuna, Manager, 28

"If the United States makes such a statement, it means that some threats exist. At the same time, to my mind, such a statement also indicates that the United States is not content with Georgia's visa free regime with Iran."
Tornike, Sociologist, 45