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Tuesday, March 8
Foreign Ministry in contact with Georgian Sailors in Libya

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is retaining contact with the Georgian sailors detained in Libya,” Deputy Foreign Minister Nikoloz Vashakidze said at yesterday’s briefing, 24 Hours reports.

According to the deputy minister, the sailors arrived in Libya prior to the unrest. They have private business-related problems.

“We are keeping in touch with them. We are doing our best to help them,” Vashakidze said.

The Georgian ship carrying cargo to Libya left a Turkish port ten months ago, but during the voyage 18% of the cargo was damaged as a result of bad weather. The owner of the cargo refused to accept the damaged cargo. The dispute between the two owners – of the ship and the cargo continues; meanwhile the ship is detained.

Shashkin meets Volunteer English teachers

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin and representatives of the “Teach and Learn with Georgia” programme met volunteer teachers of English language along with local teachers at schools in Guria and Imereti regions, 24 Hours reports.

The meeting was to discuss the ongoing developments, reforms and challenges in the education system as well as the current activities and future goals of the Teach and Learn with Georgia programme.

After the Minister talked about the updates, the native English speaker volunteer teachers had a chance to ask questions to the Minister and the Teach and Learn with Georgia staff.

According to the ministry more meetings with the volunteer English teachers will be held across the country.