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Wednesday, March 9
Saakashvili to meet Donald Trump

Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili will visit the U.S. on 10 March for a few days.

According to the President’s spokesperson, Manana Manjgaladze the President will have a meeting with Donald Trump following which a contract on carrying out investment projects in Georgia will be signed.

Manana Manjgaladze also stated that Saakashvili will meet with the IMF Executive Director to discuss cooperation issues for the next few years. Meetings also will be held in Senate. (Interpressnews)

Georgians will find an alternative if the authorities prevent fair elections

“If the option for fair political elections is removed, another way will open automatically,” Giorgi Targamadze, leader of Christian-democrats said to the news agency GHN but did not elaborate on what kind of window this would be.

“Conducting fair elections in Georgia is very important for us. This issue cannot be solved with “facade” decisions. People will no longer trust the possibility of fair elections in Georgia. If this does not happen, let nobody ask what we are about to do, as the decision is left to the people,” Targamadze said.

Now the main thing is that the Georgian people do not pay too high a price for Saakashvili’s departure, than the idea of the Georgian statehood. In this respect we are showing the utmost restraint,” Targamadze commented in his conversation with GHN.

The authorities have promised to respond to the opposition’s suggestions for Constitutional change in respect of Elections Code today, March 9. (GHN)

Parliamentary Ministerial question time

Davit Bakradze, Parliamentary chairperson approved Giorgi Targamadze’s proposal that a new ministerial question time in Parliament is established.

“I agree that the government and Parliament should be in closer communication. The public must be more intensively informed about what happens in some areas. What is being done by the government on issues such as employment opportunities, inflation, price rises, etc?”

He said the issue will be discussed in the next few days by the Parliamentary majority and minority. “We should think about how this should be done. The governmental hour is held once in a month, so we can add question time together with other formats.” (GHN)

GEL 31,429,465 in Food Vouchers

GEL 31,429 465 has been allocated for the distribution of food vouchers by the Health and Social Protection Agency to the population of Georgia, which will begin tomorrow, March 10 in accordance with the decision of the Georgian government. Each GEL 30 voucher can be redeemed in any bank. The distribution should take until April 10, and the vouchers can be given to another persons until July 1, 2011. (Prime-News)

“Esentuk” better than “Borjomi”

Russian Chief Sanitarian Genadi Onishenko stated in his live interview with the Russian News Agency that Russian mineral water is better than the Georgian. “Esentuk is a high-quality product and I advise you to consume it. Due to its medicinal benefits, it is much better than Georgia’s Borjomi,” Onishenko said.

According to Onishenko, the majority of Ukraine and Belarus-exported bottled mineral waters are susceptible to fakes. “This problem will be overcome when we have the united customs regime,” commented the sanitarian.

According to Onishenko, Georgia has never applied to Russia to permit the re-entry of its products onto Russian market since 2006. If discussions on the issue become the topic of negotiations, Georgian wine may return to the Russian market.

“There are some points, once resolved we will be able to allow Georgian products onto our market,” Onishenko stated. (Interpressnews)

Genadi Dozortsev not to face Legal Action

Genadi Dozortsev will not face legal proceedings with Georgia for registering Georgian brands on the U.S. market, Dozortsev told New York Russian news website.

He alleges that he didn’t violate any laws. He says he registered the Georgian brands only to protect the American market from imitation wine.

He says that they are positive towards the Georgian people and love Georgia and Georgian wine and he thinks an agreement will be reached. He thinks the agreement must be mutually beneficial.

The company ‘Dozortsev and Son” registered Georgian wine ‘Khvanchkara” as its own brand in the US. “Sakpatenti” intends to submit an application to the US patent office. (Interpressnews)

More marshrutka fare increases

Fares have once again increased on several marshrutka routes in Tbilisi. The fares on routes 120, 10 and 105 have risen by 5 tetri to 50 tetri, 60 tetri and 40 tetri respectively.

The drivers of these routes informed GHN that the fare hike in linked to the increase in the price of fuel.

Last week the fare increased on several other routes, including Tbilisi-Rustavi. (GHN)