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WEdnesday, March 9
Georgian Revolution rhetoric just a PR campaign

As a result of the recent revolutions in some Arab states, Georgian opposition politicians have expressed hope that a revolutionary epidemic will spread through Georgia and statements on Saakashvili’s resignation have begun once again. In his interview to Kviris Palitra political analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili said that the oppositions’ various announcements of a possible revolution in Georgia are more of a PR campaign than an indication of their real readiness to change the existing regime by unconstitutional means.

“We should realise the similarities and differences in the processes between Georgia and the Arab states. Very important information on this issue has been released by Transparency International, World Bank and US Intelligence service – that the average age of protesters in Arab countries is 19 years, which means the majority of protesters were youths. Here in Georgia most protesters are middle aged people; this could be because young people aged 18-30 are employed in state institutions so do not protest against the government. I would say that in this regard the National Movement works properly,” Tsiskarishvili said, adding that in such situations actions of the youth are more effective than those of older people.

Baghaturia’s new initiative

During the March 4 sitting of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration, MP Jondi Baghaturia presented a new initiative to his colleagues – the draft law “Introducing Changes to the Criminal Code of Georgia,” Versia reports.

According to Baghaturia’s statement, the initiative is the logical continuation of the reforms that have been implemented in the penitentiary system for the improvement and liberalisation of criminal law.

According to the initiative early release from prison will be possible if a prisoner has served at least one third of their sentence for minor crimes, or at least two-thirds of their sentence for serious crimes.

According to Lasha Tordia, Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration, the liberal approach of the initiative is acceptable; however, it is necessary to consider any threats that might result from adopting the draft law. Jondi Baghaturia’s proposal will be discussed further jointly by the Committee on Legal Issues and the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration.