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Do you trust the Georgian police?

Wednesday, March 9
“I agree with the idea that the police should be a strong state agency ready to fight against any violations. But as a matter of a fact the Georgian police have become a weapon of the Government against the people. I think the supremacy of law should be the most important principle for each individual person or the state service.”
Levan, Editor, 29

“Compared to the police that we had here during Shevardnadze’s time, today’s policemen are real angels. I trust the new generation of police much more, however of course I cannot say that they are doing nothing wrong nowadays.”
Medea, Housewife, 60

“The government has spent a lot of money on PR campaigns to make the police popular in Georgia. I can say that it works. The problem is that we can only see the facade of the system and cannot really see what is going on inside despite all those transparent police stations.
I am very sceptical. I don’t think we should buy everything that the government says about the police.”
Irakli, Engineer, 39

“I do trust. I have seen many times with my own eyes how the police helped people who had some problems in the street. I think that police reform is one of the most successful reforms since the Rose Revolution.”
Nineli, Real Estate Agent, 45

“Well, I can say that yes, after the Rose Revolution much has been done in this direction and the results are obvious. Maybe our current authorities have some serious shortcomings, but the police reform can be regarded as successful.”
Davit, Engineer, 45

“I can say that currently I believe more in the police than in previous years. I had to call them several months ago on some issue and they have done their job properly.”
Nikoloz, Businessman, 38

“I think that situation in this field has improved significantly. I have not experienced any situation when a policeman has demanded a bribe from me.”
Gia, Manager, 32