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Thursday, March 10
World opera stars preparing for charitable concert in Barcelona

The World's opera singers are preparing for a charitable concert in Barcelona. The concert is being organized by the Paata Burchuladze charitable foundation Iavnana to assist the children of Georgian soldiers, who died in the August war in 2008.

The grand concert will be held in the Opera Solidaria in Barcelona. Placido Domingo, Monttserrat Caballe and famous Georgian opera singers will perform at the concert. (Rustavi 2)

Rules of land legalization to be changed

Special privileges will be made available in the procedures of land legalizations under the amendments, which will be made to the law on Property Legalization soon. The amendments will give a chance to proprietors, who privatized land areas before 2007 by violating procedures, to legalize the property. For legalization, the proprietors will have to pay 15 GEL per square meter of land area and submit the required documents. After passing all procedures, the proprietors will no longer be charged with machinations.

The draft law will be submitted to parliament soon and it will be in force from April 2012. (Rustavi 2)

Nino Burjanadze: we will make every effort to make peaceful authorities replacement

Nino Burjanadze, leader of Democratic Movement, said that active steps were being made by the Public Assembly so they are fully prepared for when public discontent reaches its peak. She said the Assembly will make every effort to provide a peaceful replacement of authorities.

"The burden of responsibility for the revolution is upon the government. As well as the bloodshed responsibility the government has to take, we will make active steps only when we are fully prepared for the disobedience. The Public Assembly is indeed the strongest political party. In 35 regions the representative Committees are established. In Tbilisi, 12 committees. We have a youth movement. This is the strongest movement in comparison with all others. We have a chance to replace the existing authorities. Nevertheless we will try to ensure that this happens peacefully.

We will not wait for the 2012 elections like those political parties who are hoping to negotiate with the government for Elections Code change. We will not act according to the governmental scenario. We will have our own. We will start actions when we will be really prepared, - Burjanadze said in Caucasian Internet Media Club while meeting with journalists." (GHN)

Gogi Khutsishvili: no opposition force can organize high level opposition movement

Gogi Khutsishvili, a political scientist, said a new wave of protests is very likely to happen in Georgia.

"If the government will not compromise and will not improve the elections environment, will not improve the heaviest social situation, it is very likely that people will protest on the streets," - Khuttsishvili said to GHN.

However, the political scientist said "everything depends on a combination of many different factors. "Many things depend on how the opposition communicates with people and how many people among the population feel the need to protest. Separately, neither the people's activity nor the opposition forces will make any changes. This can be achieved though combined efforts, "- Khutsishvili said.

He noted that, at this time, no opposition force can organize a high level protest movement. However this situation may change.

For information, the ruling party will start to "answer" to the opposition suggested amendments to the Elections Code. (GHN)

Depot Of Weapons Revealed In Tskhinvali Region

A weapons' depot has been found by the KGB in the so called South Ossetia.

News agency ”RSOnews” reports about it.

According to the press service of the agency, 19 units of weapons, including 10 AK-47 rifles, five AK-74 machine guns RPK-74, RPG-7 and two small-caliber rifles Ural were seized from the depot. (Prime-News)

August War Splits the EU – WikiLeaks

During the Caucasian crisis in the summer of 2008, France and Germany lobbied interests of Moscow in the EU, the diplomatic documents published on site WikiLeaks testify.

In November 2008, in Stockholm a record of a conversation between American Charge d'Affaires Robert Silverman and the high-ranking Swedish diplomat Johanom Friselem was published. That, ostensibly, suggests that France convinced Sweden and Poland to soften their positions in a question on sanctions of the EU against Russia.

‘According to Friselja, France threatened to freeze the program East partnership [with six East Europe countries which are not entering into EU] if the Swedes and others began to break the renewal of negotiations between Russia and the EU’, - informed the management of Silverman.

In the beginning of December Wikileaks published 120 cables of the American diplomats, dated from the period between August 7 and 19, 2008. The cables talked about the Russian-Georgian conflict. From then it follows that between partners in the EU and NATO there were deep divergences. The points of view varied between positions of Germany, ‘repeating, as a parrot ‘, the Russian arguments, and Latvia offering immediately to begin arms supplies of Georgia. (Interpressews)

Eka Beselia alleges One of Persons, Detaiend during Special Operation Enveri, Died in Prison

Eka Beselia, leader of the Solidarity to Illegal Prisoners movement, says one of the persons, detained during the Enveri special operation, has died in prison.

The body of the deceased prisoner was taken to his home in Zugdidi, Samegrelo region of Georgia, on 6 March, Beselia said.

Beselia calls on the Ministry of Legal Assistance and Corrections to provide official information in this regard as soon as possible. (Interpressews)