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Do you think changes in the elections environment will result in fair elections?

Thursday, March 10
“Well, I think that improvement of election environment in the country mainly depends on the authorities; If they express readiness for this change then fair elections are possible, however, based on the current reality, I cannot see this happening.”
Zurab, Professor, 52

“The improvement of the election environment will of course result in fair elections in the country. Election reform is very much needed and everyone knows about it. “
Giorgi, Sociologist, 27

“It is very difficult to predict the future, however if effective changes will be carried out in this field, falsification will significantly reduce.”
Tamar, Manager,32

“Improvement of elections environment doesn't always lead to fair elections. The government will always succeed in establishing new mechanisms for achieving success at elections. That’s why I think the opposition is sparing time on negotiations in vain.”
Elene, Writer, 29

“I think it's difficult to change the situation through improving the electoral environment. That’s why I’d answer “no.” All we need for the fairness of elections is to follow the norms of the election code.”
Keti, Lawyer, 23

“In my opinion, the first thing to do is to raise awareness of the electorate through providing them with constant information about the activities carried out by the opponents. We, the people, are self-centred and make choices for our benefit. It’s high time we stop thinking of ourselves and care for others. That would be the only way for ensuring the fairness of the election.”
Nodar, Driver, 44