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Georgia at the crossroads: between Singapore and the EU

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 11
Some Georgian analysts are mocking the confusing situation created by the Georgian administration concerning the mode and direction of development of the country currently. High ranking officials speculate a lot and promote the so called Singapore model of developing the country but on the other hand make steps to go into compliance with the EU for the final goal of European integration.

Economic analyst and former Minister of Economy in Shevardnadze’s administration, professor Lado Papava highlighted that on February 11 this year during his appearance in front of the Georgian Parliament, President Saakashvili made some statements which contradicted each other. On one hand he stated that Georgia would need 6-7 years to reach what Singapore has reached which meant that in 2017-2018 Georgia would have a Singapore type of economy while simultaneously he added in his speech that the country will reach a free trade regime with the European Union by 2015. One target precludes the other, if in 2015 Georgia achieves a free trade regime with the EU then very clearly the country will not be able to achieve a Singapore type model country in 2018, thinks Papava. He questions whether the government really knows in which direction they are going. Papava thinks that apart from pure verbal declarations, the Georgian administration does not have a logical and consistent gradual and solid plan which would determine the direction the country should proceed in terms of its incentives, targets, manner and challenges in any of those directions either going west or going east.

There is no plan and no valid document, merely verbal claims, expresses the concerned Papava.