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Georgian Party accuses authorities of 'state swindle'

Friday, March 11
On March 10, Sophio Khorguani member of the Georgian Party spoke of the “state swindle” the authorities are carrying out against their staff in Georgia. Khorguani claimed that people working at the state agencies are generally forced by their officials to withdraw from their positions. Giving examples of one of the kindergartens in Kutaisi, Khorguani spoke of how “this Governmental style” is spreading around the country.

The teachers of the abovementioned kindergarten were cheated by the director of kindergarten union and its entire staff remains unemployed. The whole purpose of the idea was to receive new staff “qualified in supporting the ruling United National Movement (UNM)”. “More than 33 teachers have addressed our party but their number is even higher and this was all caused by the reorganization of the kindergartens,” Khorguani said, worrying for the teachers’ fate.

Claiming that none of the authorities from the local municipality had even become interested with the issue Khorguani worried that “President Mikheil Saakashvili and the UNM are more important for these officials than the state constitution and the supremacy of law”. Appealing to the General Prosecutor’s Office to study the case, Khorguani advised the authorities to look through the state educational policy and act within the frameworks of law. The Georgian Party promises each oppressed citizen that they will return to their positions and will be protected from any human violations as soon as the party will head the state.

The Messenger tried to check the information about the reforms within the educational system in the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MES). We were told by the press service that the MES was “not eligible for the issue.”

Political analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili shared the controversy around the issue to The Messenger. “There are definitely particular state agencies and authorities using special support from the Government. They become eligible to do anything they desire but if they change their political views they will severely pay for that,” the analyst stated. “These people are sharing views but obtain all the necessary materials on one another. That makes them dangerous accomplices ready to sell even their dignity,” he told us. Talking of the violations on state purchases and tenders, Tsiskarishvili stressed the existence of the so-called “elite circle”.