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Do you think that sworn battalions are needed for protection of people?

Friday, March 11
“I doubt whether such battalions will succeed among the people. We, Georgians have become used to protecting ourselves that’s why I think this project will be another oppositional failure.”
Guram, Doctor, 28

“I think it will be quite interesting for us, the NGOs’ to become more familiar with the issue. The Opposition is having great failures so far in our country and if this initiative will at least encourage their unification it would be good for everyone.”
Eka, Project Coordinator, 35

“I have nothing against the sworn battalions but I doubt their efficiency. We can’t make the parallel world and start living in different society – we have Government, police, opposition, families but we lack solidarity. No one shares others problems in this country and the creation of alternative bodies or introduction of unrealistic ideas will only cause regression among the people – we have already heard so much nonsense from the Government. I think it’s high time we realize the situation in our country just the way it is.”
Elene, Teacher, 48

“I think it is unacceptable to make some alternative security bodies rather than the official one. I think it will trigger clashes and provocations. I don’t want to see more beatings and violence in the streets in this country. We have had enough.”
Nato, music teacher, 40

“Burjanadze had enough time when being part of the government to push for changes in the police and security system to make it more efficient. But she failed to do so. Now I think it is ridiculous to form these battalions. It will not work.”
Vaso, unemployed, 57

“Let’s wait and see. I am quite skeptical but maybe it will be a very effective measure. Time will tell. I don’t really sympathize with Burjanadze, that’s why I am skeptical.”
Natia, lawyer, 25

“I think that Georgian people really need protection. We have seen that a lot of Georgian young people were killed who were disliked by the authorities. I welcome the creation of such institutes and really respect those people who are participating in the Assembly.”
Giorgi, Painter, 29

“I have heard on it on TV and it really seemed very funny for me. It is unclear for me how they might assist me. In case if somebody decides to kill or beat me, I really will have no time to dial a number and call them.”
Mamuka, Student, 21

“To say the truth, I am really irritated with the oppositional activities. They are just fighting with one another and damaging Georgian people’s interests, as in this situation, when the opposition is so weak, the authorities do what they wish without any fear.”
Goga, Engineer, 36