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French media on the possible threat in Karabakh

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 14
French newspaper Figaro has published an article discussing the possibility of resumption of military confrontation in Karabakh highlighting Azeri readiness to reclaim Armenian occupied territories by force. It is a frozen conflict currently but the hostility is still there. During the war in 1992-95 around 22 000 people were killed from both sides. Casualties are still being taken despite the ceasefire. In 2010, 25 soldiers were killed from both sides; in 2011 there have already been three killings. During the soviet period, Karabakh territory belonged to Azerbaijan. Armenia snatched the territory and occupied the Azeri regions. Currently Azerbaijan is increasing its military budget by almost half reaching more than USD 3 bln. The so called OSCE Minsk group involved in the peaceful resolution of this conflict has been unsuccessful so far. The Armenian side thinks that even a small spark can trigger serious conflict in the area which could involve Iran, Turkey and Russia as well. On March 5 this year, Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian President brokered the meeting between Armenian and Azeri Presidents formally agreeing on non use of force but there are many uncertainness in this direction.