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Monday, March 14
Oxford expedition to examine Georgian historic monument

A group of experts on Georgia from Oxford University are embarking on an expedition expected to go to Oshki Monastery in Tao-Klarjeti, Georgia`s historic principality now forming a part of north-eastern Turkey. British scientists assess the Georgian churches in Tao-Klarjeti as monuments of historical significance.

The Oxford expedition also visited Tao-Klarjeti last year, although the expedition members did not examine the monastery then. Elisabeth Jeffrey, the head of the expedition, was aware of the current condition of the monastery as it is under threat of collapse.

Head of Georgia`s National Agency of Monument Protection also visited Tao-Klarjeti two weeks ago. He considers the foreign experts` interest in the historic monasteries as a significant precondition for saving the monument.

Oshki is the only Georgian monument which has a dome in the form of a helmet. The unique building has not been refurbished for eleven centuries.

Georgian and Turkish sides have already achieved an agreement on restoring the Georgian monuments on the territory of Turkey, although talks are still going on. A reconstruction plan has also been drawn up, although the process of implementation of the plan depends on the results of the Georgia-Turkey talks.
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Sergey Tigipko: Ukraine has to take Georgia for a model

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minster Sergey Tigipko said Ukraine is making reforms and is using Georgia as an example to follow, GHN informs.

The Ukrainian media informs that the people who are about to bury the country have to be removed from the executive government. Georgia dismissed 10 000 militia officers and 85 % of Customs Department employees. Accordingly Tigipko said the trust of people in Georgia increased to 80%, at the same time in Ukraine it amounts only to10%.

Nino Burjanadze: this government will go before elections

"Very soon the day of disobedience will be announced, and we will fight with bare hands, "- leader of the Democratic Movement said. She noted the current government will resign before the elections. Burjanadze did not define how this will happen, GHN informs.

"Very soon we will have elections, but the existing government will go before these elections. This government is not allowing the conductions of fair elections in the country, " - Burjanadze said. Government mock the people and insists on the values that are not natural for our people.

"We should stay together for Justice and Fairness, "- she said. She noted that she fulfilled the promise given to people on November 25, the disobedience committee and the sworn battalion is established. Let's not get into illusions that anybody can defeat people who are right, she noted.

Two days ago in the Chess Hall the ceremony of the sworn battalion pledge was held by the Public Representation Group.

Defence Minister of Georgia Takes Part in NATO Defence Ministerial

The Defence Minister of Georgia Bacho Akhalaia took part in the NATO defence ministerial.

The North Atlantic Council’s (NAC) meeting was held on the level of Defence Ministers at NATO headquarters in Brussels on March 11.

The Minister of Defence of Georgia Bacho Akhalaia delivered a speech at the meeting talking about Georgia’s participation in the operation and the country’s future plans in this regard.

At this stage Georgia continues to be fully committed to the ISAF mission by deploying 929 high professional soldiers on the spot.

Considering the current need of the Alliance for progress in Afghanistan, Georgia decided to send artillery instructors to train Afghan National Forces.

Head of Georgia`s Food Product Safety Service responds to Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia

Head of Georgia`s Food Service Safety Service David Koberidze responded on Friday to the initiative of Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia.

Gennadiy Onishchenko said Georgian products, after having gone under strict control, may be allowed in to the Russian market. He also expressed regret that the Georgian side’s position hampers Russia`s integration into the World Trade Organization.

Representatives of Tbilisi consider Onishchenko`s statement politically motivated, like it happened in 2006, when Moscow imposed an embargo on Georgian wine and Borjomi mineral water.

David Koberidze also commented on Georgia`s allegedly unconstructive approach to Russia`s integration into WTO, as Gennadiy Onishchenko assessed. Koberidze said Russia is manipulating Tbilisi by raising the issue of Georgian food products now.
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Viktor Dolidze Demands to Draw out New Municipal Project

Tbilisi City Assembly Health Care and Social Issues Commission Chairman, a member of the group "Chveni Dedakalaki" Viktor Dolidze demands development and adoption of the 2012-2014 social shelter program.

According to Dolidze, the number of homeless people in Tbilisi is increasing daily. Based upon analysis made on the grounds of received letters and meetings with citizens, Health Care and Social Issues Commission have figured out three main reasons for people living without shelter.

These reasons are selling their property in order to cover treatment expenses, to cover fines and non paid bank credits.

Viktor Dolidze suggested the government create a special working group regarding this issue and expressed the readiness of “Free Democrats” to participate in the working group’s activity.