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How common is family violence in Georgia and how do you think the problem should be solved?

Monday, March 14
“I have met several women who as a matter of a fact have been the victims of violation. But there is one particular thing – such women seldom accuse their violator husbands and take the whole responsibility on themselves. That’s probably the social approach – people never share problems until the problem endangers their health or mental state. That’s why an increase of public awareness is so important for solving the issue.”
Tatia, Manager, 24

“Violence against women doesn’t always refer to physical assault – psychological trauma is just as serious for women and can hardly be overcome for a whole lifetime. That’s why both the victim and the violator should realize their mistakes and try to solve the problem themselves. Because violence endangers family relations and becomes the reason for divorce.”
Gia, Biologist, 35

“I have heard about the various national researches and I just wonder who usually gathers the information about the victims? I have never met women physically assaulted by their husbands or fathers while Georgians like cursing and verbal assaults are a somewhat “natural” event.”
Manana, Director, 28

“Family violence in Georgia is more frequent than stated in official data, because many people try not to speak about it publicly. I think the problem should be solved by raising a non-violent generation.”
Nana, teacher, 49

“Violence comes from bad living conditions, from poverty. People have a lot of financial problems, they don’t know how to feed their families, that is when all kinds of problems emerge. I think many people would not have been violent if they had at least a steady income every month.”
Guli, housewife, 60

“It is a huge problem, not only in Georgia, but around the world. I don’t know how the problem should be tackled. Probably by raising awareness and creating special centers where the victims of family violence can go and find justice.”
Tako, student, 23

“I think that Family violence is quite common in Georgia. I suppose that this situation is imposed due to several reasons. The first reason might be imposed due to poverty in the country, however I think the main of this is that definite part of people do not address church, if they had been believers they would not have been violent towards their families.”
Tamta, Assistant, 22

“In my opinion family violence is quite frequent in Georgia. To my mind, one of the main reasons of this is unemployment and hard economic conditions in the country, which imposes irritation of the society and directly reflects on Georgian families. “
Nana, Student, 19

“Well, it might have several reasons. I consider that family and the way children are raised plays a significant role in human life. Most of the men, who are educated, civilized and brought up on traditional values, will not violate their families. Secondly, the hard economic situation has a direct influence on the statistics. Thus, parents should pay more attention to their children and the authorities should think about how to solve economic problems.”
Nugzar, Hostorian, 54