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What do you think is the biggest problem for Georgian Young People?

Tuesday, March 15
“They have too many problems to my mind. First of all, many Georgian young boys and girls are unable to get higher education as result of some financial problems. Secondly, one of the greatest problems for them is unemployment; there are no appropriate jobs for them for to earn money and cover their living expenses.”
Giorgi, Economist, 43

“The biggest problem of the Georgian young generation is that they are too dependent on their families, which prevents them from acting openly and achieving their plans independently; parents should allow their children to be free.”
Goga, Manager, 26

“In my opinion, the biggest problem for Georgian young people is that they are heavily influenced by European and American lifestyles and mostly they have taken the negatives from those countries rather than the positives, which causes a lot of problems, among them low levels of education, as the young generation spend most of their time at computers and do not read books.”
Manana, Teacher, 54

“Georgian youth face lots of difficulties nowadays. The socio-economic problems have affected them in many ways. I mean young people can’t get good knowledge at schools or universities. The school reforms have lots of gaps – like irrelevant manuals, lack of practical exercises, while the best universities cost too much for even the most talented people to receive an excellent education. Moreover people have no jobs, rely on their parents (who, by the way, have to keep the whole families), go abroad for babysitting or, in the worst case end their lives in suicide.”
Salome, Interpreter, 25

“The most important problem facing young Georgians is unemployment. There are lots of well-educated professionals who spend their days and nights searching for appropriate jobs but in most cases fail in getting even the least favourable job.”
Anna, Student, 19

“I think the most dangerous problem for the young people is indifference. People have generally become indifferent towards one another. If anyone succeeds in their lives they always forget their families, friends and relatives, while those in need may be facing real disasters in their lives. The 21st century has unfortunately disappointed Georgian society. Not only the youth but the majority of citizens can’t advance their lives while the European and even the Asian countries have overcome all the obstacles. That’s probably the reason why the youth are trying to escape from Georgia and make their fortunes abroad.”
Nika, Artist, 29

”In my opinion, unemployment is the biggest problem for the Georgian youth. They graduate from universities and are forced to leave Georgia because they cannot earn a living in their own professions. I know many young Georgians who have left the country and God only knows when they will be able to come back.”
Inga, Accountant, 52

“Drug addiction is the biggest problem I think. It is a huge issue, which should be addressed somehow by cooperation between the government and the public. This problem should be solved urgently, before we end up with a society where almost everyone is a drug addict.”
Vakhtang, Distributor, 40

“I think that the Georgian youth has much better conditions than I did during my school and university years. They have a lot of opportunities to study abroad and to get information from all around the world via the Internet. This is something we could not even dream about 15 or so years ago. They do not have anything to complain about.”
Ketevan, Engineer, 36