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In which issues are you most interested and want to get information from the ministers in the Government’s week in Parliament?

Wednesday, March 16
“I would have several questions with the Minister of Economy. I am interested in concrete plans of how the authorities are going to change the current harsh economic condition in the country. At the same time I am very interested in why the pensions are increasing now, when inflation is growing.”
Giorgi, Painter, 35

“I will have questions for the Minister of Education. I do not have much information concerning the education reforms. What changes are being planned in the education system?”
Nona, Teacher, 35

“I think that most Georgian citizens would have questions regarding the economic situation, on price increases and inflation. Personally, I am interested in what reforms are being planned for Georgian agriculture, as it has turned out, there is a vital need for this structure’s function in the country.”
Guga, Economist, 27

“Well I doubt that the one week will be enough to cover all the questions I personally have for each minister. The political and economic situation, worsened social problems faced by ordinary citizens nowadays. That’s why the ministers should better analyse the situation and work on the best solution for the problem.”
Nino, Office Manager, 22

“Will the answers to our questions be enough to solve the problems in Georgia nowadays? I think we Georgians have lots of questions for our ministers but I don’t think they will ever be answered. A vague economic course, unbalanced legislative changes, constant innovations at the ministries cause disappointment among the people. I only want for our authorities to become more aware of our social troubles – we will always support wise initiatives necessary for our development but let them consider our needs also.”
Levan, Biologist, 48