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Georgia to revive mountainous parts

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 17
Recently, the Georgian leadership headed by President Saakashvili declared its intention to pay more attention to the development of the agriculture sector. After 7 years of governance, the rose administration came to this conclusion to make agriculture a priority for the country’s economy. However it is also believed that Georgia has to develop other sectors as well simultaneously. As geologist and internationally recognized expert Alexander Tvalchrelidze said, there are rich natural resources in the mountainous parts of Georgia which, if exploited correctly, could bring USD 2-3 billion annually to the country. This wealth is not being realised, not because of a lack of money or investment, but because the economy is not being managed properly, thinks Tvalchrelidze. He also suggests that making tourism the country’s priority development area could be a fatal mistake as all the countries who have made tourism their major economic segment are now experiencing hard times.

It is high time that the Georgian government listens to experienced people and absorbs rational advice rather than making sporadic moves in different directions.