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Thursday, March 17
Meeting In Framework Of Georgia-US Strategic Partnership Charter Held In Washington

A regular meeting of a working group in the framework of the Charter of Georgia-US strategic partnership was held in Washington..

A wide range of issues, including educational and exchange programs and cooperation in cultural and scientific spheres were discussed at the meeting. Talks were also held on the enhancement of cooperation between the US and Georgia.

The US Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass made a comment regarding the meeting and highlighted the importance of the document. According to him the document, which determines plans of future cooperation and partnership between two countries, will enhance US-Georgia relations.

The charter on strategic partnership between Georgia and the United States was signed on January 9, 2009 in Washington. (Prime-News)

Georgia Joins Baltic and Black Sea Agreement on Development of Transportation of Cargo

Georgia is set to join a Baltic and Black Sea agreement on the development of transportation of cargo.

A sitting of the coordination council of the Baltic and Black Sea agreement on development of transportation of cargo was held in Kiev, Ukraine on March 15-16.

Georgia and Moldova plan to join the agreement. From the Georgian side the agreement will be signed by the Deputy Minister of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia, George Karbelashvili.

Heads of transport departments from Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Belarus, Syria and Turkey will also take part in the meeting.

The Baltic and Black Sea agreement on development of transportation of cargo will assist in increasing the transit potential of Georgia. (Prime-News)

Hague International Court to Bring In Verdict on Case Georgia versus Russia

The Hague international court will deliver its verdict on the Georgia-Russia case on April 1.

According to the court’s press release, published on March 15, The Hague international court will announce its verdict on the case Georgia versus Russia. Moscow is accused of ethnic cleansing and violation of the international convention of 1965 regarding the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.

After the war with Russia on August 12, 2008 Georgia brought a suit against Russia to The Hague international court.

Tbilisi alleges that since 1990, Russia, with the support of the leadership of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, has discriminated against the Georgian population.

In the middle of September 2010, The Hague international court began hearings on the Georgian claim. (Prime-News)

Georgia’s Minister of Economy – Unknown when Georgia will Pay Foreign Debts

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Vera Kobalia, made a statement after the governmental session outlining that it is not known exactly when Georgia will pay its foreign debts .

“Any other countries, including Great Britain and France have higher foreign debts and this is not a matter of argument”, Vera Kobalia said.

Georgia has over $4 billion of foreign debt. (Interpressnews)

Chamber of Control to supervise audit at public schools

The Chamber of Control will supervise the audit which will be carried out in Georgia’s public schools under the initiative of the Ministry of Education of Georgia. The decision was made on the grounds of numerous complaints filed by civilians regarding corruption at public schools, including misappropriation of budgetary funds.

The Chamber of Control will carry out an audit in 16 schools across the country. The results of the audit will be reported in a month. (Rustavi 2)

9th century church may collapse

A 9th century church is facing the threat of collapse in the village of Vachnadziani, Gurjaani district, Kakheti region. The monument is seriously damaged; water leaks from the damaged roof and the walls are covered in cracks. The roof may soon collapse unless rehabilitation works are launched soon.

The agency of monument protection decided to announce a tender on carrying out rehabilitation works to the church after heavy demand from locals. (Rustavi 2)