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Would you join oppositional manifestations after the Easter?

Thursday, March 17
“Well, at the present moment, I cannot answer, however, the situation, meaning the economic situation is very hard in the country and in this period, the authorities make such decisions, especially regarding increasing prices, which are really unacceptable. Thus, I will consider participating.”
Nodar, Unemployed, 34

“I will participate in the manifestations, I do not support a revolution in the country, however manifestations are held in every civilized countries for people to make their protest. We should express that we dislike something and the authorities must listen to us and take our viewpoints into consideration.”
Giorgi, Historian, 43

“I will not participate, as we do not have real opposition in the country. I am sure if any opposition representative were in power, situation would be harder in the country.”
Mzia, Teacher, 31

“I haven’t yet decided whether I will join them or not because I need to become familiar with their strategic plans and see the particular steps they make.”
Tornike, Economist, 22

“I have joined almost all such manifestations but in vain… I can’t see any difference in the opposition’s decisions. I mean they always try to make some rapid decisions but they are always stepping back at the most decisive moments. That’s why I don’t think I will join them anymore!”
Elene, Painter, 34

“Well actually there is still much time left before Easter. I still have time to think about this issue. I would definitely stress that the situation in today’s Georgia is really alarming – we have so many political and economical problems due to improper state policy that it’s high time that someone changed the situation in our country.”
Eka, Housewife, 29

“I would not, because I don’t trust opposition. They are making money and taking advantage of us. Enough is enough. I wonder when Georgia will have a real opposition, if ever.”
Medea, pensioner, 70

“If prices keep going up I will definitely go out to protest. I will not have political demands, only social ones, because Georgia now has mainly economic problems. We need more jobs and better conditions for life, otherwise we will be forced to leave the country.”
Tamar, unemployed, 52

“We have had enough of these manifestations. We should now strive for fair elections through improving election code. I do not want to see any more revolutionary leaders in Georgia.”
Tato, IT, 29