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What do you think have been the main mistakes of the Georgian revolutionary government?

Monday, March 21
“The August war was the biggest mistake. Any other mistake of theirs could have been corrected, but this one has made a very long-term negative impact on Georgia for sure.”
Lela, accountant, 52

“I think that sacking elderly people from their jobs was a very bad mistake. In many cases experienced staff members are very precious at every institution. Elderly people, who have vast experience, should be appreciated more in Georgia.”
Dato, engineer, 53

“Trying to mislead people with PR campaigns and statements is a major mistake. We are not stupid. We are smarter than our government thinks and we are not buying the lies that they say on TV.”
Vano, pensioner, 73

“Well, first of all I think that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. To my mind the biggest mistake which was made by current Georgia authorities was when they did not ignore the Russian provocations, thus, I think that their biggest mistake is the August war.”
Nineli, Director, 54

They did not pay significant attention and until now they have not concentrated on economic issues. We are practically dependant on imported products and domestic infrastructure is not developing. Practically nothing serious has been done for the country’s economic development.”
Nodar, Economist, 41

It is easy to talk of others' mistakes, however when you come to power, you should realize the greatest responsibility. The greatest mistake was the August 2008 events.
Levan, Manager, 28

“I think the revolutionary government has made lots of mistakes since coming to power. The main mistake which is clear for everyone concerns the misbalance between the local and international status of our country. If Georgia is one of the best developing countries, the Georgians themselves would only wonder whether it is true… That’s why I think President Saakashvili should do his best to define the internal and foreign action plan and follow the steps chronologically.”
Eka, Political science, 27

“It is very difficult to find out the one and the biggest mistake. But yet I think it would be better for them to let TV channels be independent.”
Sophio, Jurnalist, 23

“Well actually I have never thought of individual mistakes made by the current Government. That’s perhaps because they have made quite a lot of mistakes since 2003… Social irrelevancies, political controversies, the economical crisis and irrelevant strategies have become the “style” of Saakashvili’s regime. So I think they have to think much about their future steps and try to at least improve upon their mistakes and encourage the Georgian people.”
Valeri, Driver, 48