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What is Russia to Georgia?

Tuesday, March 22
“For Georgia, Russia is a neighbor with which it will have to live forever. We cannot do anything about it. So we should try not to aggravate the situation. This is of course the responsibility of the politicians and not of the ordinary citizens like us.”
Nana, housewife, 48

“Russia is Georgia’s enemy. No matter how hard we try to be polite and follow the rules of diplomacy, we cannot deny this fact. It has occupied our territories and made thousands of our citizens flee from their homes. It is a crime. Russia is an enemy; we have to be able to say this clearly and openly.”
Giorgi, unemployed, 26

“Russia is a neigbouring state, we can neither move it somewhere else, nor can we move Georgia. So we should somehow put up with this fact and try to defend our interests as much as we can with the help of the Western states.”
Alexander, engineer, 50

“Currently, and based on the Russian activities towards Georgia, Russia for me is an enemy. Practically, this state has never been our friend, as they have always tried to invade our territories.”
Temur, Archaeologist, 34

Well, for me Russia will never be an enemy, as my mother is Russian and I have Russian relatives. In general, it is wrong when people say that Russians are our enemies, as political decisions are made by the authorities. For me Russia is more of an influential neighbour.”
Tamuna, Teacher, 29

“Russia is our enemy; I think that most Georgians think like this. They are taking control of a significant part of our territory. That country which illegally deployed its military forces on your land is called enemy first of all.”
Giorgi, Soldier, 25

Well I think it’s a matter of fact that Russia is our enemy and the August war in 2008 has proved that…
Nino, Administrator, 26

Georgian-Russian relations have always been unstable. I mean despite the cultural and economical cooperation the two states remain rivals in many ways. But the political circumstances especially during the last several years have deepened the hatred. I have nothing against Russian people but the Government of both our states remains in hostility.
Alex, sociologist, 28

Oh it’s quite an intriguing question but I appreciate it very much. As a freelance actor and a great fan of travelling I often visit various parts of Russia and can see the happy faces of children (both Georgian and Russian) when they hear about our country. Unfortunately the two countries have now become the real enemies due to an unwise geopolitical situation but I dislike the controversies between the nations.
Bacho, Artist, 36