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Georgian Party sure of success in 'normal' elections

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, March 22
“The world community is becoming aware of the difficulties Georgian people are dealing with in their country,” Chairman of Georgian Party Sozar Subari said worrying of the nonexistence of justice in Georgia. Opening a new regional office in Gurjaani, Kakheti on March 21 Subari introduced his staff members and supporters to the party’s main activities and also shared the action plan which they will follow in future. Talking of the necessity for launching elections in time, defined by the constitution, Subari predicted that “people will kick the Government out of their cabinets with switches.”

Doubting that President Saakashvili’s regime would falsify the results of the elections, Subari said confidently that the Georgian Party would obviously succeed in any elections held “under the normal circumstances”. Analyzing the latest events in the Arabic countries, Subari suggested that “the world community wouldn’t pardon President Saakashvili to ignore people’s will and use force against them.” “That’s why if either the President or Parliament of Georgia try to prolong their authorities illegally, the Georgian people will kick them out of their positions,” he said hoping that the Georgians will soon “overcome their fear and despair and prove their positions loudly.”

Making the comparison between the situation in the Arab countries and Georgia, political analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili spoke from a historical viewpoint to The Messenger. “Georgian people have voted for three different figures at three different elections with the absolute majority but didn’t let them rule the country within the terms defined by the constitution. Arab people appeared to be more tolerant of endless regimes,” Tsiskarishvili told us.

Stressing that the acting Georgian Government had never considered the legal terms of the elections, the analyst emphasized that President Mikheil Saakashvili has “arranged the constitution to fit his preferences.” The analyst explained that the official five-year term for presidency will be prolonged for the acting president. “Having been inaugurated in January 2008, Saakashvili will now have an opportunity to rule over the country till autumn 2013 the date when new elections will be launched,” he stated.

Analyzing the chances of the Georgian opposition in succeeding at the elections, Tsiskarishvili worried that the parties have been “practicing their skills and abilities.” Pointing out that the Government has always failed in ensuring elections in legal terms the analyst supposed that the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections would also be the subject of political speculation. “The Georgian Government is not uncompetitive but the opposition is always waiting for the legal date of elections to prepare for the competition,” he stated.

Highlighting that Governments generally create the basis for revolutions with their irrelevant policies in their countries, Tsiskarishvili told us that it’s up to the Georgian people whether they support the status quo or revolt against the violations.