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How often do you visit chemists and are the medicines sold in affordable price there?

Wednesday, March 23
“Well I don’t often visit chemists but my family members actually do… And I often hear them worrying of the constantly increasing prices even on the most commonly needed medicine. ”
Anna, Student, 20

“Being a mom makes me visit the chemists quite often but the medicine is very expensive nowadays. The variance between prices in different chemists is so huge that I'm in the process of searching for the chemist with normal prices.”
Nino, Housewife, 28

“Chemists are essential for everyone especially for those people who have large families. The needs of families differ but we are all united with head or stomach aches, pampers for our babies and other hair or body shampoos for daily usage. That’s why I am quite dissatisfied with the increasing prices on the Georgian pharmacological market and I think it’s high time for a competitive environment which would prompt fixed prices on products.”
Lali, Doctor, 45

“Unfortunately, I have to visit very frequently, as my mother has been ill for years and needs medicines very frequently. Prices are really catastrophic for my family. Nearly all my salary is spent on them.”
Khatuna, Teacher, 38

“I do not visit very often and if I visit it's mostly for hygiene products which are sold there. As for prices, they are ok for me, however I think that they are high and something should be done to make prices more affordable for Georgian citizens.”
Nutsa, Manager, 29

I visit, I can say quite frequently, especially during the winter. Herewith, I have small children and they need many things which are sold at chemists. I can say that for most people prices are unacceptable, but we have no other option but to buy. “
Tamar, Housewife, 31