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Thursday, March 24
Hot Line to Be Operated In Conflict Zone in Abkhazia

A "Hot Line" will be operated in the conflict zone of Abkhazia.

Prime-News was told about it at the UN Tbilisi office due to the results of the twenty sixth meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM), chaired by the United Nations, held in Gali on March 22.

The Georgian delegation at the meeting of March 22 was led by the head of information-analytical department of MIA of Georgia Shota Utiashvili.

Based on the proposal of the Chair, the participants agreed on a code of conduct of patrols when they approach the identified point(s) on the boundary line. Among other measures, the participants agreed to immediately activate the hotline to avoid any misunderstanding that could lead to the threat or the use of force.

Participants once again discussed issues related to the detention of two local residents; in particular the demand concerned the immediate release and return of one of the detainees. Clarifications on the reasons and circumstances of their detention were provided.

The issue of restoration of a shuttle bus service over the Inguri Bridge, which had been functioning under the UN auspices until summer 2008, was once again followed up. It was agreed that the issue would be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities for consideration. The meeting took place in a constructive, respectful and professional manner.

It was agreed that the next meeting of the IPRM would take place in Gali on May 4, 2011. (Prime-News)

Georgia – Cheap Market for Surrogation

Georgia is a cheap market for surrogation. Infants, born after surrogation, are mainly transferred abroad. This statement has been made at a news conference, organized by the Georgian Patriarchate and the Catholic Church delegation.

There are three surrogation centers in Georgia. Information about the infants born as a result of surrogation is confidential but reports claim that surrogate mothers get $ 10-15 000 in Georgia for bearing a child, which is much cheaper than in Europe.

Surrogation is punishable by law in European countries and some of the American states.

The news conference was attended by Georgian archbishops as well as the Ambassador of the Vatican to Transcaucasia and the Bishop of the Catholic Church to Georgia. The Deputy Healthcare Minister and the Chairman of the Patriarchate’s Healthcare Department also attended the news conference. (Interpressnews)

Humanitarian Assistance from Germany to Be Rendered To Akhmeta District Population

Humanitarian assistance from Germany will be used to provide health care to the Akhmeta district’s population.

As Prime-News was informed by the embassy of Germany, a ceremony of a local hospital’s competition project will be held in Akhmeta district on March 23.

Ambassador of Germany to Georgia Ortwin Hennig will attend the ceremony. The project will be financed by the German government and “World Vision”.

43 000 people live in Akhmeta district, among them are Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Russian and Ossetian etnithity Georgians.

Federation Republic of Germany has already financed small projects in Georgia for twenty years. (Prime-News)

Georgia’s MES resumes preparation for Attestation Exams

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia continues preparation works for High School Diploma Exams, MES website reports. The exams will be held at every public and private school all over Georgia. Every public school of Georgia is ready to carry out the exams. There are some private schools that don’t have the sufficient infrastructure to conduct the exams and the students of those schools will have to take exams at public schools. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia calls on private schools to take an active role in the preparation process in order to meet all necessary requirements for conducting High School Diploma Exams. The students should have suitable conditions to take exams at their own schools. (Interpressnews)

Mikheil Saakashvili responds to writer Zaza Burchuladze’s statement

Mikheil Saakashvili has responded to the statement made by writer Zaza Burchuladze in the city of Kutaisi, Imereti region, on 21 March.

Saakashvili appealed to the writer to wise up. ‘I was outraged by the words voiced by some representatives of the literature circle. Some of them are so busy with self-praise that they can’t even notice the changes in the country. They have no right to talk to citizens of Kutaisi this way. It is time for them to shake up’, Mikheil Saakashvili said.

After delivering a speech at the Kutaisi Opera, writer Zaza Burchuladze addressed the audience with the following words: ‘Life to thieves, death to whores’. (Interpressnews)

Grave of Gigo Gabashvili found

The researchers have helped a journalist of Rustavi2 in finding the grave of famous Georgian painter, Gigo Gabashvili (November 9, 1862 – October 28, 1936) after watching a TV story about the grave, which was lost in Vake Cemetery.

The researchers, Levan and Zurab Urushadzes define that the grave stone with the inscriptions of the dates of birth and death of the painter and his name, were covered with earth for several tens of years. Afterwards, the paths to the grave were also lost and only a few people knew the exact location of the painter`s grave.

The grave stone, which was made in the 1940s, is seriously damaged. (Rustavi 2)