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Do you believe the opposition and authorities can achieve an agreement regarding the election system reform?

Thursday, March 24
“Yes, they will achieve an agreement if the government will agree to pay enough money to the opposition, as usually happens. In the end we, the people will be deceived. I don’t believe in their negotiations, I am very skeptical.”
Levan, economist, 44

“The agreement will be reached, but what’s the sense in reaching agreements if every time the government officials will write the amendments favorable to themselves? I don’t believe that those negotiations and agreements will change anything substantially.”
Lali, office manager, 35

“I do not expect anything from those negotiations, they are just wasting time and money. This issue has become an eternal subject for discussion and it is getting irritating for the people. We need genuine changes, not superficial negotiations.”
Nato, teacher, 50

“These negotiations are really very funny, it is very obvious that the Government is only playing and it is not going to make any real decision regarding the issue. I really feel sorry for the opposition.”
Nona, Bank Employee, 28

“As far as I know the meeting was postponed several times, I think that it is a very serious issue and putting off discussions several times is a sign that something is not going as it should be. If the opposition stand firm, I think that some decisions would be made.”
Gia, Sociologist, 43

“To my mind, finally the authorities would have no other way but to concede, as international organizations are involved in the issue.”
Mariam. PR Manager, 31

“No I don’t think they will ever manage to reach agreement on any issue not only regarding the election reform system.”
Nino, Administrator, 25