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Russian president to ratify agreement between Armenia and Russia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 25
The Russian President will submit an agreement signed between Armenia and Russia during last year’s visit to Yerevan.

According to this agreement the term of deployment of the Russian military base in Armenia has been extended up to 2044. On February 15, 2011 Armenia’s constitutional court approved this agreement considering it constitutionally correct. According to this agreement, Medvedev stated it not only covers Russian military presence in Armenia but increases the strategic responsibility of its northern ally. According to this agreement, Russia not only takes responsibility for Armenia’s security but also should facilitate the armament of Armenia’s forces with modern facilities. Russia’s 102th base in Armenia includes artillery infantry, intelligence service as well as aviation resources.

Russia’s base processes 18 destroyer planes MIG 29, up to 100 tanks, 300 armored vehicles as well as artillery and missile devices. Altogether there are 4-5 000 Russian troops serving in Armenia.