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New moves to further conquer Georgia, Abkhazia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 25
From March 28 until April 1, negotiations will be carried out between representatives of the puppet regime in Sokhumi and Russian authorities. The subject of the discussions will be delimitation and demarcation of the so called border line between Russia and its fabricated puppet state of Abkhazia.

As Abkhazian media reports, the issue will be not only about the fixing of the existing Abkhazian segment of the Russian-Georgian border but also Russia's claims to annex an extra 160 sq. km of Georgian territory and add it to the Russian Federation.

Russia's policy on Abkhazia has passed two stages. The first stage was snatching Abkhazia from Georgia which, after the 2008 August war, was carried out by Moscow. The second stage was, and is, the economic, demographic and territorial digesting of Abkhazia whether it is part of Georgia or “sovereign/independent”.

According to Abkhazian media, the Kremlin intends to snatch and legalize the territory of Gagra district to create a Las Vegas type entertainment centre in time for the Sochi Olympic Games. Of course Abkhazians do not like the idea and try to protect their ‘sovereignty’. However this is practically impossible as both sides know who is boss, not only militarily but financially. Moscow has occupied tiny Abkhazia and invested huge amounts of money there too. Huge according to Abkhazian standards and most of this money presumably goes into the pockets of the Abkhazian ruling elite. Of course, Moscow benefits from this situation as thus it can easily manipulate inside the country forcing the bribed elite to obediently follow the Kremlin’s orders.

Moscow has put Bagapsh, the so called president of the so called sovereign state, under big pressure. On one hand he realizes quite well that he is just a puppet in Russia’s political games and accordingly has to surrender to Russia’s pressure. But on the other hand he has to answer to the questions of his Abkhazian compatriots.

In Georgia there some information is appearing from confidential sources that, slowly, the Abkhazian community is realizing that their sovereignty is just an illusion and that Moscow is the boss in all issues. Meanwhile, the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement that the Georgian government is responsible for any types of delimitation and demarcation. So the Georgian government makes it clear that no agreement achieved between Russia and its puppet regime is valid or legal.

So, if you have a Eurasian map available just look at it and compare Russian territory to that of Georgia and then try to find Abkhazia.