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Are there ministers in the Government you do not want to see in their posts?

Friday, March 25
“I don’t want to see the IDPs Minister on his post. He is playing a good guy but many people say that he is not as incorrupt as he is portrayed. He is the least professional of any ministers in the cabinet I think.”
Manoni, housewife, 50

“I think Vera Kobalia is too young and too inexperienced to be in her post. The government officials should think more when appointing people on such responsible positions. It is unacceptable to have a Minister who has no experience.”
Alexandre, unemployed, 60

“There are too many to be named. In my opinion, the only good Minister is Alexandre Khetaguri. The energy sector in Georgia is more or less stable, unlike other spheres in the country.”
Nodari, engineer, 40

“Yes, there are and not only one or two, several. I do not want Bakur Kvezereli as the Minister of agriculture, as this sphere needs a very experienced and skilful ruler and unfortunately I don’t think that Kvezereli is such person. Herewith, Minister of Economy, Vera Kobalia is not good as a Minister; Goga Khachidze and some others. “
Mamuka, Musician, 34

“Koba Subeliani and Bakur Kvezereli should be removed first of all, as they do not fulfil their duties accordingly. Then, Khatuna Kalmakhelidze and Vera Kobalia , both of them have no idea on the spheres they are ruling currently, to my mind.”
Gela, Writer, 56

“Khatuna Kalmakhelidze and Dimitri Shashkin should be removed from their positions first of all! Beauty is not enough for dealing with the problems Georgian prisoners are facing nowadays, while education also needs a special approach from the Government. Security should by all means be ensured both at the penitentiary system and schools but the power should be distributed in the frames of human rights there.”
Sandro, Lawyer, 27

“I dislike the reshuffle of the ministers carried out in the last several years in our country. Each field should have the relevant chair responsible for the both successes and mistakes. Otherwise we can never achieve real success of individual sectors and the dream of a better future will simply disappear from our minds.”
Eka, Housewife, 47