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Saakashvili may be Chair of Parliament

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, March 29
The Georgian media, as well as world media outlets, have been speculating a lot recently about the possible development of the career of Georgia’s current President Mikheil Saakashvili after his presidential term expires. He seldom gives interviews to the Georgian media, so they are merely guessing, whereas in his interviews abroad recently he was asked a couple of times about his future plans. He declined to give a direct answer, shifting the topic quickly and claiming that he was more interested in the plans for the country than his personal plans. So this gives some extra intrigue to the situation. At present, there are two theories: one that he plans to become prime minister and the second that he would become the chair of the parliament. For the first to happen, necessary amendments were introduced to the constitution increasing the power and the rights of the PM and diminishing those of the President. These amendments will come in to force only in 2013. The second option is starting to be discussed and for this the 2012 Parliamentary elections should secure solid victory for the ruling National Movement so that it receives a so called constitutional majority and nominates Saakashvili as chair of the Parliament. For the latter to be achieved, some are expecting that snap parliamentary elections will be called.

The so called Ministers' Week in the Parliament is thought to be designed to demonstrate to the Georgian population that Parliament is the supreme body (which it should be in reality) and that the government is liable to the Parliament which should have a decisive voice. However the ruling power’s plans are not yet clear. However, as analysts and media suggests in Georgia, both options are being considered. Some analysts suggest that the recent visit of Saakashvili to the USA served this purpose – as it appeared more like pre election campaigning rather than an official visit of a president to a friendly country. Some suggest that maybe president’s latest visit to the USA was his concern that recently the West and the US in particular several times showed that they are against the authoritarian leadership even if they are of Western orientation. Some analysts suggest that according to certain confidential information, Saakashvili had some meetings where possible developments in Georgia were discussed. Russian opposition leader, Gary Kasparov mentioned that during the meeting with the US vice president Joe Biden, the latter highlighted that the USA wants to reconsider its relations towards authoritarian regimes. However Joe Biden also mentioned that he would not support any change of the democratically elected leadership by revolution. It was significant as well that during his recent US visit, the Georgian President expressed his confidence of holding fair elections, promised to increase the military contingent in Afghanistan and would be devoted to assist US interests in the region as well, promising to increase the standard of democracy in Georgia. He also boosted the results of the local elections in 2010, introduced English language teachers into Georgia and promoted a youthful cabinet. All of this, according to him, surprises the westerners.

One thing is for certain – that young President, who is only 43 of course, is not prepared to resign for good.