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Will a simplified border crossing procedure with Turkey change anything for you?

Tuesday, March 29
“Personally for me it will change nothing seriously, as I do not cross borders frequently. I think that this decision will be useful for the country, from a tourism point of view, it will be easier for tourists and visitors to come to Georgia.”
Levan, Engineer, 51

“I welcome this decision, as I hate long procedures and hours of waiting. I doubt that I am alone in my attitude towards lengthy procedures. Every summer I go to Turkish resorts and moving around the country will be easier for me.”
Nodar, Businessman, 35

“I think that for my relatives it will be nice news, they are choreographers and frequently have dancers in Turkey. If I decide to go with them one day, this decision will be useful for me as well.”
Nutsa, Student, 18

“It will be great. I will definitely go to have holidays in Turkey if it becomes easy to cross the border. It’s been my long-time dream to spend summer holidays on the Mediterranean. “
Anano, lawyer, 28

“For me it will change nothing, because I don’t really have money to go anywhere abroad, including Turkey. I think for many it will be a stimulus to go and visit that beautiful country, but definitely not for me, due to my financial situation right now.”
Iago, unemployed, 27

“I am always happy to hear about travel procedures simplification with any country, because it means new opportunities for many people. And I am sure many will benefit from simplified travel procedures with Turkey. I think this is very good, although I don’t know if it will affect me directly or not.”
Temuri, engineer, 36

“I remember people flocking to Turkey in the 90s, when the border with Turkey was first opened. I don’t think that we will see such a huge boom this time, however I think it will help in boosting trade relations between Turkey and Georgia, which is good for each and every citizen, including me.”
Dato, economist, 50

“For me personally nothing will change. I have no plans to visit Turkey for holidays or for any business matters. So these simplified procedures will not affect me for sure.”
Giga, distributor, 32

“It is definitely a positive move. It is good to have good relations with a strong NATO-member state.”
Irina, accountant, 42