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Friday, April 1

Putin and Medvedev to ask Georgian citizenship

Russian news agencies have released information that President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin of Russia applied to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili to grant them Georgian citizenship and take the Russian Federation under the protection of the Georgian state.

Georgian opposition goes religious

As Foolinform news agency reports, most of the leaders of the Georgian opposition parties have decided to give up on politics and became monks. As for the female opposition leaders, they applied to enter nunneries. As one of the opposition members said, thus we want to repent all our sins and on the other hand to open a way to new generation of oppositioners. “WE have realized that we can do more good for the country by praying for it than by participating in the political turmoils,” one of the opposition leaders said.

The News in Brief

Christian-Democrats to Raise Issue on Dismissal of Minister of Legal Assistance and Corrections

The Christian-Democratic Movement will raise the issue of the proposed dismissal of Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, Minister of Legal Assistance and Corrections.

A statement has been made by Nika Laliashvili, one of the leaders of the Christian-Democratic Movement, at a briefing in front of the Ministry of Legal Assistance and Corrections.

According to Laliahsvili, the Public Defender’s 2010 report will be presented in the parliament, which describes the gruesome state of human rights in the country.

Laliahsvili said the Public Defender’s report and his recommendations should not be ignored any more. Namely, he said the issue on the Minister’s dismissal should be raised.

‘Convicts are living in severe conditions. The death rate has increased by 33% compared to last year. The Ombudsman’s report provides evidence of beating, torturing and insulting of convicts’, Laliashvili said. (Interpressnews)

Another Group of Native English Speaker Teachers Arrives in Georgia

Native English speaking teachers continue to arrive to Georgia within the frame of the educational program “Teach and Learn with Georgia” . A new group of qualified teachers has arrived from the USA, Australia, Canada and UK.

After passing the trainings, the majority of these teachers will teach at the public schools of Racha region. This is the first time that volunteer native English speakers will enter the schools of Racha.

Other teachers from this group will teach English along with the local English language teachers in public schools of Tbilisi and Shida Kartli region. (Interpressnews)

Radiation hazard examined in Abkhazeti

A radiation hazard has been checked in Abkhazeti, Apsni Press reports. Specialists of the Ecological Monitoring Center decided to conduct an examination as a result of public concerns after the quake and the devastation that followed in Japan. Two-day checking has been launched and covered all the districts of the occupied Region. The results have shown that there is no radiation risk in Abkhazeti. Sea water is also being examined by the de-facto government. (Interpressnews)

Georgia and Gambia Held Political Consultations

On 28-29 March 2011, a delegation of the Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Republic of Gambia in order to hold bilateral political consultations with representatives of the Gambian Government.

The Gambian Foreign Minister, Mr. Mamadou Tangara, met the Georgian delegation, which was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Davit Jalagania. The parties discussed a wide range of issues on mutually-beneficial bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and expressed their readiness to continue close relations within the framework of international organizations. The Gambian delegation reaffirmed its country's full support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

A protocol on cooperation between the two countries' foreign ministries was signed during the visit.

The Georgian delegation also held a meeting with other Gambian governmental officials, during which future prospects for cooperation in different spheres were discussed.

The delegation of the Georgian Foreign Ministry will visit Dakar, the capital of the Republic of Senegal, where it will hold political consultations with representatives of the Senegalese government. (Interpressnews)

Parliament Speaker hails Ministers` Week

Georgian Parliament speaker Davit Bakradze assessed the so-called government's week which took place at the parliament. The Speaker said the government's week was a good initiative which worked very well.

He said it was not a debate for just debating, because the MPs and the executive authorities discussed all those issues, which are topical in Georgian society. The Speaker does not rule out the continuation of the debates in the future.

`It was a novelty indeed and we can say that this novelty has worked. I think there was not a question which troubles our society, which was not raised during the debates. We listened to the reports of the ministers, specific plans and political debates, which are characteristic to good political debates. The initiative turned out successful and the debates worked,` Davit Bakradze said. (Rustavi 2)

Swedish Foreign Minister visits Georgia

Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt is visiting Georgia. In the frames of his visit the Swedish diplomat will meet Georgian President Mikehil Saakashvili, as well as the Deputy Foreign Minister Tornike Gordadze and other high-rank Georgian officials. Carl Bildt will participate in several special events organized by the Swedish Embassy in Georgia. The Messenger particularly welcomes the Swedish Foreign Minister because of his special efforts during the Russian intervention in Georgia in August 2008. (The Messenger)