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Tuesday, April 5
Georgia to protest to international organizations on casino construction in Gagra

The Georgian Olympic Committee and the Sport's Ministry will address the international organizations with a protest note in connection with the construction of a casino and leisure centers on the occupied territory, in Gagra, GHN reports.

Lado Vardzelashvili, Sport and Youth Affairs Minister said to journalists this design breaches the state sovereignty of Georgia.

"We will apply to all international organizations to forbid anything like this from happening. This is a violation of Georgia's sovereignty. This territory is recognized as a Georgian territory on the international level. Any activity there without the coordinated actions of the Georgian government will be a breach of international law, "- he said.

Israeli Foreign Ministry to Apply All Means for Release of Israeli Businessmen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel will use all means available to release the Israeli businessmen detained in Georgia, Izrus website reports.

In addition, the Israeli Ministry says the incident should not become a matter of confrontation between Tbilisi and Jerusalem.

‘We will apply all means for release of the Israeli businessmen. We will either appeal to a higher court, or we will ask for a pardon to the Georgian government. Relations between Israel and Georgia should not be jeopardized. On the contrary, we should use our long relations to help the Israeli businessmen’, a representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry told Izrus.

Israeli businessmen Ron Fuchs and Zeev Frenkel were detained for offering a bribe to a Georgian official in October 2010. Ron Fuchs was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment, while Zeev Frenkel was sentenced to 6-year imprisonment.

Over 219 Million GEL to be Allocated for Rural Programs in Georgia

Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture is publicizing data concerning the funds allocated for rural programs planned in 2011.

69 154 000 GEL has been committed to agriculture overall. Besides goal-oriented programs, some additional ones are also planned for the current year. The fundraising will be provided by the JSC “Georgia’s Rural Corporation” which will comprise150 million GEL raised from financial institutions and private investment foundations.

Co-financing of new projects will be ensured by the State budget as well. An additional 9 million GEL has been allocated for the purpose. .

Chinese investors may invest in Georgia

Chinese investors are interested in the implementation of large-scale projects in Georgia. The investors plan to construct factories of electric and medical appliances.

Deputy Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Archil Kekelia met with the representatives of Chinese companies, who operate in the sectors of agriculture, energy and communications. Archil Kekelia introduced the investment environment in Georgia to Chinese businessmen. Kekelia says, in a few days, a group of businessmen from China would arrive in Georgia to view the business climate in Georgia and make their assessments.

`The Chinese government has approved a new economic plan for the next five years, which involves investing 1.5 trillion dollars in China`s economy and several hundred millions abroad. The largest part of the funds is designated for African states but we are doing our best to attract Chinese investments in Georgia, ` Archil Kekelia said.
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MIA to equip all strategic objects with surveillance cameras

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will be obliged to install surveillance cameras in all strategic and important objects in the country and connect them to the common system of surveillance, GHN reports.

The changes are stipulated by the "Freedom Charter" and will be discussed in Parliament during the forthcoming month. According to the legislation, the control over all strategically important objects will be performed in view of the prevention of terrorist acts; and the MIA is obliged to provide the control over all objects which will be made over a united system of surveillance.

Particularly the airports, sea ports, railway stations and key stations, underground, bridges and places of gathering will be equipped with the system.


Georgian wrestler win gold medal in Dortmund

After four years of unsuccessful attempts of the team of Georgian Greco-Roman wrestlers has won a gold medal at the European Championship held in the German city of Dortmund. The Georgian National Anthem was played for the victory of Georgian sportsman Revaz Lashkhi. In the 60 kg category, the wrestler defeated five rivals, the first of which was a French wrestler Sebastian Idalgo, the next was Eduard Barsegian from Poland, Romania`s European Champion Eusebiu Ianku Diakonu was the third and the Azeri wrestler, World and European champion Hasan Aliyev was the fourth. In the final, Lashkhi defeated Serafimu Angelov from Bulgaria. The Georgian wrestler won all contests, except against Aliyev, in flawless fashion.
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