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What kind of TV programs would you like to watch and what kind of articles are lacking in the Georgian printed media, to your mind?

Tuesday, April 5
“To say the truth, the Georgian media, in general, lacks a lot of things. First of all most TV stations and printed media means are partial. On the other hand, they are mainly oriented on scandalous and negative information, which is unacceptable. More positivity and impartiality is needed.”
Natela, Psychologist, 42

“Maybe there will be people who will call me old fashioned, however I think that our media means must pay more attention to our traditional values, inheritance , history, and think about expanding the knowledge of young Georgian people. Georgian media lacks cognitive and analytical programs and articles. “
Nona, Teacher, 36

“There should be more reality and entertaining shows on TVs, as those shows improve people’s mood and enable us to forget our problems even for a bit.”
Nino, Student, 21

Georgian media companies need serious improvements in many ways. First of all the national channels provide us with the same information in almost the same format. I mean they have lost their independence and impartiality because they all serve the Government’s interests and forget their professional ethics. I wish there would be a high level of competence among the media outlets and individual journalists aimed at getting more sufficient and well-balanced information for the society.
Niko, Painter, 47

I have personally got sick of the soap operas all over the day, while the information always begins with criminal issues as if we were a criminal state, etc. Being a housewife makes me become addicted to TV rather than newspapers so I just wish there were some cognitive programs rather than everlasting musical and entertaining shows.
Lika, Housewife, 35

Well you know one of the reasons why I refuse to watch TV is their ridiculous shows with the so-called bright stars of non-existing Georgian show business. Television is the easiest way to become a famous and prominent person that’s why they don’t care what they will offer the audience – they simply show whatever they enjoy even constant dancing and chatting on others. As for newspapers, they provide us with more detailed information about the ongoing processes in a more balanced way.
Nugzar, Pensioner, 66