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New Swedish Ambassador re-affirms support for Georgia

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thuresday, April 7
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Georgia, HE Diana Janse, paid her first University visit to ISET (International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University) , on April 6. Within the meeting she met with the professors and the school administration, attended a presentation about ISET and held a presentation for ISET students on Georgian-Swedish relations and on Sweden’s future plans concerning Georgia and the Caucasus region.

“Our main aim is carrying out support towards Georgia to make this country closer to EU. We are one of the main donors for Georgia and we are involved in nearly twenty different projects in the country in the direction of democracy, human rights, market development and some others. We are collaborating with different state institutions and organizations to improve those shortcomings which still exist in Georgia and make obstacles for your EU way. In this context, supporting and collaboration with such institute as ISET is, comes in our priorities, “the Ambassador said.

As Eric Livny, President and Executive Director of ISET, told The Messenger, “it was a very interesting and important meeting. Sweden is our main donor and we have had a long term collaboration with them; however it was a first so called body touch with them, when we had an opportunity to meet face to face with their representative to Georgia; As it has been mentioned during the presentation, Georgia is one of the key points in the foreign policy of Sweden, which is very important and profitable for this country.”

An assessment of the visit was also delivered by the former student of ISET, Nino Sharumashvili to The Messenger, “it was really a very interesting meeting as I’ve got more significant information on Georgia-Sweden relations. I was especially interested in economic relations, if there were some plans for deepening economic collaboration, if some direct investment was to be expected from the country. As I could see, the Embassy is actively working in this field and collaboration with the authorities, which would be very profitable for the country, in my opinion.”