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Thursday, April 7
NGO monitoring says every third woman subjected to violence in Georgia

Every third woman in Georgia is a victim of family violence - say the results published by the National centre of Protection from Violence. With these results Georgia keeps one of the leading positions in the world. The NGO carried out the monitoring of family problems for several months and the conclusion they made is quite concerning.

The NGO interviewed 1300 women throughout Georgia. The results are similar in almost every region. Three quarters of respondents says they have to live under permanent violence. In Shida KartliMtskheta-Mtianeti and Samtskhe-Javakheti Regions, 72-80% of women complain about humiliation and verbal abuse. 59-69% admits they are under permanent physical pressure.

The situation is similar in Kvemo Kartli, Racha, Imereti and Adjara Regions. The incidents of violence are comparatively fewer in Guria, Samegrelo and Tbilisi.

According to the recent survey, the situation is the hardest in Kakheti Region. 92% of women complained about being victims of violence, 86% of them - the victims of physical one. In most cases, the violators are husbands. The reason for the violence is supposed to be social.

Specific cases of family violence have been included in the report of the ombudsman. Giorgi Tughushi says the data cannot be exact as very often victims of family violence abstain from speaking about the oppressors publicly.

There are several NGOs in Georgia, which work on the issues of family violence and provide physiological and social assistance to the victims. (Rustavi 2)

Representatives of Airzena company are in Kinshasa

The representatives of Georgian air company Airzena Georgian Airways arrived in the city of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and joined the investigation of the plane crash, which occurred in Kinshasa airport while landing on Monday evening. They will work with a group of international experts to recover the black box and find the reasons that caused the tragedy.

`The aviation investigation has been already launched and we have to wait for its results. Our representatives are in Kinshasa and work intensively to transfer the bodies of the Georgian crew to their homeland. Airzena will cover all costs of the transfer and assist the families of the killed pilots, ` the head of the PR department of the Airzena Georgian Airways, Nino Giorgobiani has said.

The representatives of the company have ruled out technical faults with the plane. They think the crash was caused by the poor weather in Kinshasa (Rustavi 2)

Radioactive remain found in Batumi identified

Experts have already identified the radioactive substance found in one of the railway containers in the Batumi portís terminal on Tuesday. They say it was the chemical element Cesium 137. The experts have put the material in a special container, which will be delivered in Tbilisi later today.

The mentioned chemical substance was used in industrial processes but experts cannot ascertain the precise origin of the source, as they say it was stolen.

All other information about the volume and the radioactive capacity of the substance will be released after the examination, though they assert in advance that it cannot be dangerous to the public's health.

The radioactive remains were found in scrap metal loaded for export in Batumi Port`s terminal on Tuesday. (Rustavi 2)

Official Tbilisi sends one more letter to Malaysia

The Georgian Prime Minister and the Procurator's Office General both applied to the Malaysian party with a letter asking about Georgian women detained under suspicion of drugs trafficking. They are asking about detailed information on detained women, particularly concerning the conditions in which they are being held and what stage the court trial process has reached.

The Georgian party asks the Malaysian law enforcers to replace the death sentence with long term imprisonment.

Two Georgian women were detained in Malaysia last year on October 14 on an allegation of drugs trafficking. The detained women are not admitting the crime; they are saying they were victims of the husband of Gordadze, who deceived them in drugs abuse. The Georgian party admitted the guilt of Davitiani, husband of Gordadze on the ground of his own confession. He has been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. (GHN)

Foreign Minister accomplished his visit to Spain

Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze completed his visit to Spain. He met with his Spanish colleague Trinidad Himenes Garsia Errera. The parties discussed bilateral relations between Georgia and Spain and the main directions of cooperation with international organizations were drafted. The possibility of future investment in the country and political and economic relations were underlined. The necessity of legislative basis improvement was also stressed while the future prospects of Georgia for NATO and EU integration was discussed. The situation on the Georgian occupied territories and the bilateral negotiations of Georgia for Russian WTO membership and Geneva talks were reviewed. Many international and regional questions were also raised.

The Spanish foreign Minster promised for the support for territorial integrity of Georgia in its internationally recognized borders. As well as upholding Georgia's aspiration to join NATO and EU he thanked Georgia for its participation in the Afghanistan peacekeeping operation under NATO's ISAF program. (GHN)

Ministry of Internal Affairs Announces Competition on Creation of Kidsí Website

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has announced a competition on creation of kidsí website .

The information published on the official website of the Ministry gives the criteria the kidsí website has to satisfy.

The criteria are the following: the website should be educational; should be easy to apply; should include information on childrenís human rights and online educational games, tests and animations; etc.

The Ministry says several countries have similar websites. Namely, the Ministry of Internal Affairs cited the USA, Italy and France. (Interpressnews)