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Thursday, April 7
Israel will never recognize independence of Abkhazia

In his interview to Akhali Taoba, the vice speaker of the parliament Gigi Tsereteli completely ruled out the possibility of Israel recognizing the independence of Georgia’s breakaway territory of Abkhazia. “Israel is a country with whom we have close ties. Some of our people live in Israel and they are very devoted supporters of Georgia,” Tsereteli said and denied the opinion that arresting two Israeli businessmen had changed the two countries' relations negatively.

“The detention of two businessmen will not impact on our relations and it will not have an influence on policy. We understand that many people worry about their detention in Israel. They could do a good job for our country and they could invest in our country, Georgia, and they would benefit from that, but unfortunately they did it in the wrong way. In that period, many agreements were formed improperly, there was corruption and extortion and the Israeli businessmen's case was part of this period. I am pretty sure that this case will not have negative impact on our long friendship,” Tsereteli said.

Commenting on the recent postponement of visits of two Georgian high ranking officials to Israel, Tsereteli said that this is nothing unusual. “In that period I have met members of the Israeli Knesset at OSCE PA session. This meeting was warm and positive. The detention of those businessmen was not our main topic,” Tsereteli said.

Tsereteli does not know if the Abkhaz delegation had visited Israeli. “If such a visit was held this would not have been a formal one and it would have been a private meeting. Many Jewish people lived in Sokhumi who later left for Israel, they have friendly relations with Abkhazians and they have relatives there,” Tsereteli said adding that Israel will never recognize Abkhazia’s independence as they know everything about separatism.

De-facto Abkhazian Government to Enhance Control over Enguri Section of Administrative Border

The de-facto Abkhazian Government plans to enhance its control over the Enguri section of the administrative border. Discussions were held yesterday at a special meeting in Gali. The sitting was headed by de-facto President Sergey Baghapsh, Apsni Press reports.

The meeting focused on the shield of the so called State border on the Enguri section and the medical treatment provision for Abkhaz patients in Georgian hospitals. As the parties stated, the Georgian side has been using the topic-related facts for propaganda.

The participants in the meeting remarked that the situation in Gali district had been aggravated recently, after more active efforts by Georgian criminal groups. There was a decision made concerning the coordinative operation of all law enforcement bodies.

Baghapsh commissioned the meeting attendees to put an end to smuggling from the Georgia-controlled territories. Commitments were given to representatives of civil power.

De-facto Vice-President Aleksandr Ankvab, Premier Sergey Shamba, Secretary of Security Council Otar Khetsia and representatives of the President's Administration, law enforcer bodies, Gali district administration and Russian frontier-guards in Abkhazeti were all in attendance.