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Which direction is Georgia going in?

Thursday, April 7
“It is very hard for me to answer this question; I bet even Georgian politicians will have trouble with answering it. But I think Georgia is going west. At least so our President says.”
Nana, housewife, 30

“We are going in the direction of high inflation and low salaries. This is something that concerns me and my family and not the political direction of the country. I might be wrong, but this is what I honestly think. As long as we are in an economic crisis, I do not really care about anything else.”
Joni, driver, 42

“We are going West definitely. It does not mean that we will be accepted in the EU or NATO soon, but at least we have moved in the right direction. I think that in the next 15-20 years we will see the positive results of this decision.”
Alexandre, historian, 60

“I think that the current course of Georgia is acceptable, we are trying to become a part of European and Euro-Atlantic space, which I welcome. However, to my mind, one of the darkest sides of the course is that nothing is being done fundamentally, a lot of things are just done to show others that everything is ok.”
Giorgi, Economist, 38

“The country is heading for an obscure future. There are a lot of problems in the country. Our politicians are very good at speaking; however nothing important and serious is done. Our young generations are not being brought up based on our traditions and cultural inheritance, which will not bring anything good for the country.”
Tamar, Doctor, 54

“I think that a lot of good things have been done in the country and everyone should see that, there are some shortcomings, but shortcomings always exist. In general, I consider that Georgia is going the right way.”
Goga, Student, 23

"I'm afraid Georgia is going in the wrong direction due to unbalanced internal policy. I can't predict the future of our country but I'm afraid our children would have to pay for our mistakes. Lost territories, war with Russia, dead soldiers are exceeding the constant international encouragements of our President. We Georgians know Saakashvili's personality better than any foreign expert because we voted for him in 2003 but at those times we had been confident that this person would safeguard and promote our country."
Tornike, Financial Manager, 26

"I think Georgia has changed much after the 1990s when it used to be dark and miserable with the increasing number of beggars all over the capital. Those living in rural areas had more problems with keeping and developing their households, so I suppose there have been achievements on the internal and international level. Everyone makes mistakes bur our faults should teach us how to act in future. I hope our Government will manage to prove their loyalty to their people and think more about their individual problems."
Nugzar, Driver, 56