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Azerbaijan might demand international expertise of Armenia’s nuclear power station

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 8
Director of Azeri National Academy Radiation Problems Institute Adil Garibov made a statement recently that Azerbaijan might apply to the International Agency for Nuclear Energy with the request to carry out a full scale examination of the Armenian nuclear power station in Metsamor. According to the director, to prepare such a document, a solid scientific background is needed to be prepared. Garibov said that his institute has prepared such documents and they are being submitted for further consideration in the governmental structures. According to him, Metsamor nuclear power station is out of date and uses old technologies, thereby increasing the probability of serious problems. Garibov also stated that the international commission will visit Armenia on May 14 this year.

Meanwhile, certain Armenian organizations as well as Russian experts in the field reject the possibility of any problems appearing in the Armenian nuclear power station.