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What do you think, is there democracy in Georgia?

Friday, April 8
“Democracy is a very relative term. You cannot say there is democracy in the country or there is not. Compared to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Georgia is a very democratic state, but compared to the Western European States, it is not.”
Gia, architect, 47

“If we read through the report of the Public Defender, there is zero democracy in the country. Human rights are being violated in almost every sphere. Maybe we saw some progress since Shevardnadze’s period, but this is not enough at all.”
Tea, doctor, 30

“If we listen to our president’s speeches, then we are living in the most democratic state in the world. However, I do not really think it is true. Of course I cannot say that Georgia is under a dictatorship but still we still have a long way to go.”
Lela, accountant, 51

“In general, Georgia can be considered as a democratic country, especially if we compare present Georgian reality to post soviet countries. People are no longer frightened to express their attitudes and opinions openly.”
Levan, Manager, 26

“Compared with previous years, the improvement is obvious in this field however we are still far from a real democracy. There is no free media in the country, when people are asked about their political views, they try to hide it. There are a lot issues which are very nontransparent and people have no information on them. “
Davit, Sociologist, 36

“Democracy is just a mask for the current authorities, when almost all citizens’ rights are violated in the country, from labour rights to human rights of what democracy can we speak? “
Nodar, Unemployed, 46

“Well if I understand the exact meaning of this word there is no democracy in Georgia. Violation of human rights, limitation of freedom of speech and action for media, constant eviction and oppression of IDPs just proves the opposite.”
Nino, Accountant, 23