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Monday, April 11
God Gives People Posts in order to help others – Illia ll

God gave some people their posts in order to help other people, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Illia ll said in his Sunday sermon at the Trinity Cathedral.

According to the Patriarch, the life of a person is a hard process with constant changes.

‘Everything changes on the earth, including us. Sometimes we live in prosperity, which may be changed by an ordeal. Ordeal is God’s will, and we cannot change it’, Illia ll said. According to him, people should not become desperate during ordeals. ‘We should not become desperate during ordeals; neither should we become extremely joyful during peace and prosperity. Moderation is always necessary. We should not run to extremes. If God gives you comfort, thank him. If God gives you a post, thank him and ask yourself why he gave you the post. God gives people high posts not for enjoying comfort but for assisting others’, the Patriarch said.

Saakashvili gives interview to CNBC

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in his lengthy interview with CNBC TV-station answered questions on a variety of issues.

Saakashvili was asked about the Rose Revolution and the country's difficult path to development, the Russia-Georgia war, integration into NATO, relations with EU, the support Georgia receives from the international society, the amended constitution and Georgia's future.

When talking about Russia-Georgia relations, Saakashvili said 20 percent of the country's territory has been occupied and 80% of the local population has been expelled from there, although Georgia continues to grow and is in a situation where it does not depend upon Russia.

The President said Georgia has sent signals to Russia that it is ready to restart dialogue.

When talking about integration into NATO, Saakashvili said he is confident Georgia will become a member of the alliance, as the region is developing rapidly. He said the same will happen with the EU.
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Russian side accuses Georgia of organizing armed attack in Abkhazia

The Russian side accuses Georgia of organizing an armed attack that took place in Gali district of Georgia`s occupied region of Abkhazia on Friday (April 8).

Russian media reported that the prosecutor's office of occupied Abkhazia has launched criminal proceedings pertaining to various offences including terrorism.

Two rifles used by terrorists, cartridge cases and four grenades were seized from the crime scene after the investigational activities.

The bodies of two Georgian nationals were transported to Sukhumi court medical centre and the bodies of the two Russian officers were transferred to Rostov, Russia.

Abkhaz sources report that the two Georgian attackers allegedly intended to organize a large-scale terrorist act on the territory of Abkhazia.
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Opposition 8 parties met with Phillipe Dimitrov, EU envoy

The opposition eight parties met with EU envoy in Georgia Philippe Dimitrov. After the completion of the meeting, Davit Usupashvili, representative of the opposition eight parties said to journalists that talks has involved questions of elections issues and specifically negotiations between opposition and government.

"We are regularly informing diplomats about the state of affairs in this direction. Today we introduced to the EU envoy those questions which government is unwilling to reply, because it has nothing to say as yet, "- Usupashvili said.

He said the oppositional eight parties will continue the process of pursuing change in the election environment.

"The government is in deep trouble, but it has a solution, the solution is to enter to serious discussions and negotiations with us." - Usupashvili said.

European Parliament calls EU to activity in regions in ENP frames

The European Parliament has called on the EU to be more active in regions in the frames of European Neighborhood Policy. In EP the resolution was passed in connection with ENP.

The document reads that the EP upholds Georgian territorial integrity and sovereignty. The document raises questions of autonomous republics in the post soviet area. The document calls on those are responsible for EU foreign policy to be more active in connection with the Dniester and South Caucasus conflicts regulation. Decisions must be based on the principles of international law, among them the principles of self determination and territorial integrity. The resolution reads that the EU has to continue a policy of non recognition of these republics.

"The resolution once more proves that the EU unconditionally upholds the territorial integrity of our country in the frames of internationally recognized borders. It calls on the EU to activate its efforts for keeping stability in the region, "- Salome Samadashvili, Envoy Plenipotentiary to Luxemburg and Belgium said.

Bodies of Georgian citizens transported from Congo

The plane carrying the bodies of the four Georgina killed in last week's Congo air crash landed in Tbilisi international airport on Sunday morning.

Four Georgian citizens killed in plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which a UN aircraft broke into pieces as it attempted to land at Kinshasa’s main airport on April 4, 2011.

Plane Captain Aleksei Oganesyan, technician Albert Manukov, steward Guram Kepuladze and second pilot Suliko Tsutskiridze were among the 33 people, who were on the plane during the crash. Only one passenger - a Congolese journalist - survived.

Bad weather conditions were reported to have caused the air crash.
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Irakli Kutateladze, 26, Commits Suicide

Irakli Kutateladze, 26, has committed suicide, Public Broadcaster reports. The motive of the suicide is unknown as yet.

Irakli Kutateladze was a friend of Stephan Cohen, a French visitor who was murdered at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel a few months ago.

An investigation into the case has already been launched.