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Are you employed? Do you work in your profession? If you had a choice where would you work?

Monday, April 11
“Unfortunately, I am not employed, I am an economist and at the present moment I sit at home. It is really very depressing and this situation irritates me very much and also has a negative effect on my family. At the present moment, I really do not care what the job is, I will take it.”
Gia, Economist, 32

“I am employed; however I do not work with my profession. If I had the chance I would return to my old profession and would work in law enforcement.”
Aluda, lawyer, 37

“Currently I am employed; I work as an interpreter however I would change my working place with great pleasure, as the salary is really small. I would work as an English Teacher, as a secretary in a firm, in the administration of different institutions, where working conditions and salary would be normal.”
Sopho, Language specialist, 24

“Well I’m working at a super market in the centre of Tbilisi with quite a satisfactory salary but I must confess I had never dreamt of being a shop-girl in my childhood. On the contrary I always wanted to have my own boutique where I would offer my client hand-made accessories.”
Anna, Shop-assistant, 27

“Unfortunately I’m not employed and I never have been… It is a very upsetting trend in Georgia nowadays: if you don’t have practice during your university studies you will hardly be employed after graduation. I have a Bachelor Degree in Political Analysis at Tbilisi State University. It has always been the number 1 university in Georgia but still I can’t start working even at the most ordinary office due to a lack of working experience, that’s unfair!”
Mariam, Political Analyst, 26

“Yes, I’m a doctor working at one of the leading European-based clinics in Tbilisi. Moreover I’m a graduate of the state medical university and I must say I feel like a fish in the sea. It is really hard even to imagine how people can learn and work at the same time but believe me one can always get to his/her target if he tries hard.”
Guram, Doctor, 33