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Tuesday, April 12
Georgia-NATO Commission sitting to be held on April 14-15

The Georgia-NATO Commission sitting will be held in Berlin on April 14-15. The Deputy Foreign Minister made the statement yesterday at the routine briefing and noted that the NATO ministerial will attend all foreign ministers of member countries.

"This will be the first meeting after the Lisbon summit. At this meeting the work performed last year will be assessed and future plans will be discussed," - Kalandadze said.

The Georgian delegation will be headed by Foreign Minister Grigol Washadze.

Sergey Baghapsh – Abkhazia Will Never Be Russia’s Province

Russian media reports that Abkhazian de-facto President Sergey Baghapsh made a statement that Abkhazia will never be Russia’s province during a meeting with Abkhazian Diaspora in Istanbul.

“Sometimes they write that Russia has conquered Abkhazia and that Abkhazia has become a Russian province. This is not the case and can not be so”, Baghapsh said.

He says that Russia is Abkhazia’s strategic ally, the first to recognize Abkhazian independence and provide help in every direction.

“We want to develop relations with Russia. Our relations are regulated in all fields by interstate agreements. Mostly with help from Russia, there is stability in Abkhazia and it creates a reliable climate for investments”, Baghapsh said.

Abkhazian de-facto president Sergey Baghapsh paid a four-day visit to Turkey on 7 April. He met with Abkhazian Diaspora representatives of several cities in Turkey.

Free Democrats Respond to Mikheil Saakashvili

The Free Democrats oppositional party has responded to the Imedi TV story about Irakli Alasania. The party said the story was ‘black PR’ ordered by Mikheil Saakashvili.

The party also commented on Mikheil Saakashvili’s speech, where he harshly criticized the leader of the Free Democrats and his party.

‘The President’s speech once again proved that Saakashvili is afraid of the imminent changes and he cannot tolerate the idea of Irakli Alasania being a politician of the future. Unlike Mikheil Saakashvili, Irakli Alasania has a real vision for pulling the country out of these crises,’ the press speaker of the Free Democrats said.

As for Irakli Alasania’s words about Georgia, mentioned by Mikheil Saakashvili, we suggest you visit and read Alasania’s full speech delivered at Chatham House.

According to the Imedi TV story, Alasania said in his speech that Georgia is a ‘strategically unimportant country’.

Tbilisi hosts Sustainable Energy Week

Georgia is hosting a week of Sustainable Energy for the second time. Its participants are discussing issues of saving energy and its effective consumption while experts are unveiling alternative means of obtaining energy.

School children are also involved in the event – they will write essays and make paintings about the impressions they get after attending the Sustainable Energy Week. The authors of the best essay and painting will be awarded and presented with gifts.
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Viking 2011 trainings held in Georgia

In the frames of NATO Partnership for Peace Cooperation Programme (NATO/PfP) Georgia is hosting VIKING 2011 exercises.

The aim of the exercise is to deepen cooperation, interoperability and credibility between NATO/PfP countries military, civilian, international and non-governmental organizations.

VIKING 2011 is conducted virtually through a computer assisted simulation network. The main purpose of the training is to improve cooperation during peace support and crisis response operations.

Organizers of the exercise created special software for the gaming. According to the scenario, with the peace support operation, coalition forces are trying to achieve peace in an imaginary country “Bogaland”. The situation is very close to reality. Events and incidents are modeled on current conflict environments.

In VIKING 2011, participants are mostly military personnel and civilians from 24 countries. The main organizer of the training is Sweden where the main headquarters are located, while brigade level HQs are functioning in Georgia, Austria, Germany, Ireland and Ukraine.

From the Georgian side, the chief of the training is Georgian Armed Forces, Joint Staff J-3 Operational Planning Department head and Operational Preparedness Divisions head Colonel Zurab Tomauri. The main Advisor from the Swedish contingent is Major Durbion Johansson.
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Gocha Dzasokhov – Government of Georgia Will not be Able to Falsify Votes of Citizens of Georgia Living in Russia

The Government of Georgia will not be able to falsify votes of citizens of Georgia living in Russia, member of Russian public chamber and chair of Georgian People’s Assembly Gocha Dzasokhov has claimed.

“The latest population census was conducted in Russia by the initiative of the Georgian People’s assembly. According to the census, the number of people with Georgian passports living in Russian territory has reached 670 000. They are the people whose votes were stolen by the ruling party of Georgia. These people had to vote for the ruling party. This will not happen from now on”, Dzasokhov said.

He says that the Georgian people’s assembly will send the census information to the CEC and the parties taking part in the elections.