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Which of the non parliamentary parties has the most public support?

Tuesday, April 12
“I think that the National Forum has quite a lot of supporters, especially in the regions of Georgia. They have not been involved in any deals with the government as far as I know. I really trust this political force, although it is not that easy to trust any of them nowadays.”
Vano, pensioner, 70

“None of the opposition parties are as popular as the Ruling party, or at least this is what the polls show. I guess this is quite realistic. As for a non-parliamentary opposition party, I think the most popular one is the Free Democrats party of Irakli Alasania.”
Tina, nurse, 47

“In my opinion the most popular one is the Labour Party, not because of their political platform but mainly because of their funny statements. Each of their press conferences is a small comedy show.”
Levan, student, 23

“I think that the Labour party has the highest public support among non parliamentary oppositional political parties. Despite their specific and sometimes aggressive statements, they have not committed any crime against Georgian people, I mean cheating of people. “
Nana, Student, 19

“To my mind Irakli Alasania’s party, I do not know the name of the party, however, quite significant people around me considers that he is a very educated and good politician.”
Goga, Economist, 34

“It is difficult to say, as almost all oppositional parties lost people’s support. At the present moment, to my mind the most popular will be Labour and Alasania’s parties’ ratings, some would be on a medium level and some others, like Nino Burjanadze’s and some other very radical oppositional representatives, are on a lower level. “
Tamaz, Painter, 31

“The Labour Party always manages to keep the neutral balance. This party has been known from Shevardnadze’s presidency. Despite all the mistakes they have somehow succeeded in keeping their supporters so far.”
Dato, IR Specialist, 25

“I think the Georgian opposition doesn’t have serious support from people, their percentage would be too low. I mean there are few strong and many weak parties, while we, the electorate need one strongest team to follow.”
Tina, Teacher, 34